How to Change a Belt on a Bissell Vacuum

How to change the belt on a Bissell vacuum cleaner? Well, it is pretty easy. Check out this article to find out the steps you need to follow.

The belt on the Bissell vacuum cleaner helps to clean off the dirt and soils from the surface more efficiently. You need to change the belt once in six months to assure appropriate performance. Keep reading the article to find out more about this.

How to Change a Belt on a Bissell Vacuum

Here are the steps you need to follow to change the belt on a Bissell vacuum cleaner:

Step 1

First, turn off the vacuum machine and make sure the power cord is removed from the wall socket. Because, if your machine is connected to an electrical line, there will be a possibility of electric shock. If you have unplugged the vacuum from the electrical line, you can go to the next step.

Step 2

Now unscrew the four screws around the vacuum base with a screwdriver to separate the soleplate from the Bissell vacuum. For convenience, it is best to store the screws in any container so that the screws are not lost. Once the soleplate is separated, now you can follow the next step.

Step 3

When you remove the top cover of the brush, you will see that the vacuum belt is wrapped around the brush roller and the motor spindle. Next, grab both sides of both ends and gently lift the belt upwards. You can use your fingers to remove the old belt from the vacuum. If the belt is too tight, you can use a flathead screwdriver to remove the belt. Now, remove the belt from the motor spindle by pulling.

Note That: When you remove the belt from the brush roll and motor spindle, Notice that how the belt was attached to the brush roll and motor spindle. Because when you go to reassemble these parts again, you can easily do it without any problems.

Step 4

Now you can remove the brush roll from the vacuum mine body, and check if the vacuum airflow is obstructed by any debris. If there is any obstruction in the airflow, clean it with a soft brush. Also, check there are any wrap strings or hairs in the rotating brush. Then clean them well with scissors. Wipe the area well with a dry cloth before applying the new belt.

Step 5

Now check the condition of the drive belt, see if there is any change in the outer circumference of the belt. If the brush roll gets stuck, there is too much pressure on the belt. This pressure increases the circumference or breaks of your vacuum belt.

Now spin one end of the brush roll, see if the brush roll is turning properly. If the brush roll does not rotate properly, it may need to be replaced.

Step 6

To attach the new belt to the vacuum, attach one end of the belt to the motor spindle and the other end to the designated position of the brush roll. To check if the belt fits the brush roll properly, keep rotating the brush a few times around the center of the belt.

Step 7

Then re-attaché the soleplate on the top of the brush roll and fasten the screws properly with a screwdriver. Now wipe the vacuum main body with a dry cloth.

Step 8

Once the soleplate is fitted in your vacuum cleaner, try to “turn on” the vacuum machine. Notice that, at whether the brush roller is rotating and vacuum suction the dust properly from the floor. And check if any unwanted sounds are coming from the cleaner. If no unwanted noise is heard, your vacuum cleaner is ready to clean the floor.


When should you change the vacuum belt?

There is no time limit for changing the vacuum belt. If the sign occurs, you will need to change the vacuum belt of your vacuum. When to change the vacuum belt depends on your vacuum usage. If you do a lot of heavy cleaning with your vacuum, you may need to change belts more often than others.

Moreover, if you hear any unusual noise from the machine while cleaning with a vacuum, it may be due to a worn belt. Many times the dirt gets stuck in the brush roller so it can no longer rotate, then a lot of pressure on your vacuum belt and it can break. Then your vacuum cleaner will not be able to pick up debris like before and its efficiency will be significantly reduced. Then you must change the belt of your vacuum.

Why is my vacuum roller not spinning?

If you notice that your vacuum brush roll is not working properly, this problem could be due to two main possible reasons. Maybe dirt is stuck in your vacuum brush roll, or the brush roll may break. When you clean the dirt with a vacuum, then it suctions the hair and dirt from the floor.

Then some dirt accumulates on the brush roll, and after a few days later the brush roll gets stuck. Keep the vacuum brush roll clean in time to work well with the vacuum. And if you notice that your vacuum brush roll is broken, attach a new brush roll to the vacuum.

Will a vacuum work without a belt?

Never! The belt is the most important part of your vacuum, without the belt your vacuum will not work. The rotating brush is attached to the motor spindle of the vacuum with a belt. Without a belt your vacuum brush roll won’t rotate, the brush roll helps loosen the dirt stuck to your floor. So if it doesn’t turn, the dirt from your floor won’t clean up well. This is why a belt is most important for your vacuum.


The Bissell vacuum’s belt can be easily changed following the above guide. We hope you will find the guide helpful for cleaning the vacuum belt. Protection Status
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