Why Won’t My Hoover Vacuum Turn On

Are You Getting Tired Of Pressing “On” Button on Your Hoover Vacuum?

Tidying up your living space might not be the most enjoyable task, yet it’s essential and cannot be skipped in your daily routine. Consistent cleaning ensures a more welcoming and comfortable environment for you and your family. In achieving this, a hoover vacuum cleaner becomes an invaluable ally, helping you breathe easy in a cleaner, pollutant-free home environment.

But sometimes, it does feel like you have hit a mighty rock when suddenly your hoover vacuum stops working and won’t turn on. A faulty vacuum cleaner is the least which anyone can expect in their busy lives.

However, it is essential to identify the cause of your faulty machine to be fixed within time. Therefore, it is important to just relax and read this article till the end.

What Is Special About Hoover Vacuum Cleaners?

Hoover vacuum cleaners are one of the top leading brands on the market. They offer a pretty decent variety of budget-friendly and long-lasting vacuum cleaners. Their easy-to-use features, advanced suction, and multi-floor cleaning technologies are the key factors for their popularity.

Additionally, these vacuum cleaners do work amazingly if taken special care of with every use.

Let’s learn about some of the main factors that why your Hoover vacuum is not turning on;

Why won’t My Hoover Vacuum Turn On

Since vacuum cleaners are just like every other machine, they also show some troubleshooting problems over time. There could be multiple reasons for your machine’s sudden shutdown.

Here is a list of some primary reasons because of which your hoover vacuum is being faulty.

1.   Vacuum Is Not Plugged In:

The first important step is to ensure whether your vacuum is correctly plugged in or not.

Sometimes due to the limited length of the device cord, it may pull out from the socket. Therefore, it is ideal to check it first.

2.   Damaged Power Cord:

Another reason for this issue is the damaged or faulty power cord. Check the connection of the cord with the vacuum machine and make sure it is connected properly.

On the other hand, verify that the wire is not cut or broken and is in proper condition. If it is, an immediate repair or replacement of the cord is needed.

3.   Blown Out Fuse:

Your Hoover Vacuum may not turn on because of a blown-out fuse. Inspect whether the outlet is working or not by connecting other electronics.

If this is the case, change the fuse from the box your vacuum is currently working. It will help reset the fuse, and your machine should start working.

4.   Thermal cut out:

Due to blockages in the vacuum’s hose and filters, your machine may activate a thermal cut-out. Clear out any blockages from the filter and hose which is preventing your vacuum from operating.

5.   Fully Crowded Bag:

A full bag is one of the main reasons for a stubborn vacuum that does not turn on. However, fixing it is quite easy; just empty the bag, or if it is damaged, replace it.

6.   Faulty Motor:

Your Hoover Vacuum may not turn on if its motor is faulty. This issue may happen because of several reasons, such as overuse of vacuum bags or blocked filters.

Anyhow, replacing the motor is the only solution for this. But do remember to verify the stability of other parts before replacing the machine’s motor.

7.   Damage On/Off Button:

Another reason which is often overlooked is the faulty or broken on/off switch. These switches tend to break over time with excessive use. If that’s the case, simply replace the switch and start cleaning!

Let’s learn about some of the common frequently asked questions and their respective answers;

How Long Do Hoover Vacuums Last?

Hoover vacuums last pretty well somewhere between eight to ten years. However, regular maintenance and special care are the essential factors one should consider to make their machine last long.

What Causes Hoover Vacuum to Make Weird Noises?

The vacuum does start making weird loud noises when its filters are filthy. This makes it very hard for your vacuum to remove all the dirt from floors or carpets, and that is the main reason it starts to make loud noises.

Do Vacuum Cleaners With Dust Bag Have Benefit For People With Allergies?

Well, yes! Vacuum cleaners with dust bags have shown relatively better results for people with allergies compared to bag-less vacuums. In vacuums with dust bags, dust particles remain inside the bag, which is not the case for bag-less vacuums.

Moreover, if you own a bag less vacuum, just simply empty its bag somewhere far away from your place. Remember to wear a mask to prevent dust.

How Many Times Do I Need To Change My Hoover’s Bag?

Changing your machine’s bag varies among different factors. If you have pets and need a cleaning daily, then it is always recommended to replace the vacuum bag once a year

However, you may need to change it relatively sooner if your Hoover is being used excessively to clean way too dirty floors or carpets.

Essential Tips to Maintain Your Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Below are some easy tips which you can follow to maintain your Hoover after every cleaning;

  1. Detach your machine from the power source.
  2. Let it cool for some time.
  3. Empty the dust bag if it contains or just press the “Bin release” button to remove all the debris.
  4. Clean the filters correctly.
  5. Make sure brush’s hair is not tangled with anything.
  6. By taking a soft cloth, clean the outer parts of your Hoover.

Bottom Line: 

Hoover vacuum cleaners are pretty good to make your house dust-free. However, they do encounter some problems due to excessive use over time.

In this case, try to find out the possible reason why your hoover vacuum is not turning on following the guide as mentioned earlier.

Since these issues can be fixed at home, contacting your brand’s customer support to resolve technical problems is always recommended.


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