How Long will Vacuum Sealed Meat Last in the Freezer

Learn How Long will Vacuum Sealed Meat Last in the Freezer

Well, a common question- how long will vacuum sealed meat last in the freezer will be talked about in this article today. It’s not that hard to answer this question. But, we’ll go through the in details on the topics. Why and how vacuum sealed meat or food last in the freezer.

The topic we’re talking about is diverse. There’re many conditions on which the durability or freshness of vacuum sealed meat depends. But, we’ll go through each of them and answer for you properly. Vacuuming of course enhances the lifetime or shelf time of meat or any other food. But, let’s analyze the scenarios.

Some Initial Talks on Vacuum Sealed Meat

So, why is it of ultimate importance to vacuum seal meat? Or why should we vacuum seal other foods as well? Well, there can be many reasons. But, the main reasons is to ensure their durability and allow them to last more than expected. Foods get spoiled due to bacteria mainly.

Now, bacteria lives on the basis of air, that is oxygen. What vacuum sealing does is to prevent the air from touching the food surface or anywhere. Thus, the chances of accumulation of bacteria is low to zero. What happens if we partially rotten food? Well, isn’t it obvious that it can create food poisoning? So, mainly that’s why we vacuum seal.

Vacuum sealed meat without freezing them can last from three to four days. But, when you freeze them, the situation is different. So, next, we’ll talk about vacuum sealed meat in the freezer.

Vacuum Sealed Meat in the Freezer

So, vacuum sealing will let the meat last more than three to four days. At that point, when you can freeze them, it’ll last up to few weeks. So, that’s an added advantage. Meats, however, can last even more. But, that depends on the few factors. So, let’s go through the reasons or factor out there.

Meat freshness matters the most. If the freshness originally before vacuuming is high, then it’ll last more than expected. Eventually, you can expect the meat to last even up to six weeks.

Another factor can be the ingredients that you use for marinating. Hence, if you marinate properly, the meat will last even more.

Vacuum Sealing the Meat Properly

It’s important that you seal the meat properly and accordingly. If you seal the meat by leaving gap in the vacuum sealed packet, there’ll be presence of oxygen and thus it’ll damage the meat very soon.

However, proper temperature is another important factor to consider. The perfect temperature starts from around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. And, you can store it up to, let’s say, 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything less and above might very well destroy the meat.

You can use vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealing machine for the fast and efficient vacuum sealing operation. At first place the meat in the sealer bags. Then, take the front of the sealer bag and  place it on the vacuum sealing machine. You’ll see that the vacuum sealing machine has done sealing part pretty quickly.

However, we’ve got some tips for you to follow:

  • Make the meat pieces small and uniform in size. Then marinate them one by one.
  • Try not to seal with bones. However, if you seal with bones, cover them extra netting or piece of plastic.
  • The external packaging should have the label of date when you’re storing the meat.
  • Do not press the sealer bag too much that it leaves a huge space at the top.

Advantages of Vacuum Sealing Meat

Now, we know how long meat can last in the freeze after vacuum sealing. We also know how to vacuum seal properly with the ultimate precision level. Now, we’re going to talk about the ultimate benefits of vacuum sealing meat. To be honest, there’re lots of benefits in vacuum sealing. But, let’s talk about a few of them, in short.


  • Makes Cooking and Storing Organized: If you vacuum seal and store meats in multiple batches, you’ll see that it will take less space in the freezer. You’ll also be able to make your cooking process organized. Overall, when it’s time to take out meat, the process will be easy.
  • Protects Against Freezer Burn: Long time exposure in the fridge can have freezer burn effects on the food and as well as meat. So, to protect that, vacuum sealing plays a great role. Overall, the meat stays secured.
  • Ensures the Ultimate Freshness and Flavor: Well, that’s what vacuum sealing is for. It ensures the originality of food items. And, the taste after cooking raw vacuum sealed food will be more rich. In short, vacuum sealing enhances the flavor and durability of any food item. Whether, it’s liquid, semi-liquid, or hard textured food items, vacuum sealing works the best.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve come to the end, we’re sure that you know how long does vacuum sealed meat can last in the fridge or freezer. It’s pretty simple. Freezer are there to save foods from spoiling. On the top of that, you’re vacuum sealing. So, it only enhances and increases the shelf time of meat.

One important thing to remember is the shelf time of different types of meat. The shelf time of pork, chicken, or beef meats are nearly the same. So, no worries on calculating those things. All you need to do is to vacuum seal the food items properly.

Overall, the process of vacuum sealing is preferable to many. However, we recommend for you to use a vacuum sealer machine to make the process more easy and fast. Protection Status
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