How to Vacuum a Pool Using Skimmer

Your pool, like everything else, gets a little dirty every moment. If regular maintenance is not implemented, your pool can quickly become an of algae and dirt. There are several ways to keep your pool clean and tidy, but one of the most common is to use a vacuum skimmer.

Many questions arise about How to Vacuum a Pool Using Skimmer; Skimmer is the only way, if you do not have a robotic pool cleaner, to remove not only the debris at the bottom of the pool. But some microscopic algae have failed to be caught by your pool filter system, so you can easily vacuum those microscopic algae in your pool using a skimmer.

Do you want to know How to Vacuum a Pool Using Skimmer? Well, you arrived at the right place. Keep reading the article below, we will let you know how to easily vacuum a pool using a skimmer.

How does the Pool Skimmer Works?

Pool skimmers are used in all types of pools. This is one of the most important materials for pool cleaning. You may need to install one or more skimmers depending on your pool size. Pool skimmers are usually designed in such a way that they can draw water from the surface and absorb it through the pool’s filtration system.

When you go to clean the pool, the first 1/8 inch of water above the pool is drawn into the skimmer. So that all kinds of dirt on the top, such as hair, leaves, contaminants, and debris can be easily removed.

When you turn on the pool pump, the skimmer draws water from the pool surface. And the floating debris above the pool is collected by the pool skimmer basket through a peering flap. This process continues until the pool pump is turned off and debris continues to accumulate in the pool skimmer basket. When you turn off the pump, the pivoting flap returns to its previous position where it prevents debris from re-entering the pool.

At this point, debris has accumulated from the surface of the pool in the skimmer basket and it should be emptied regularly to ensure water flow and maximum filtering capacity. From here, it is the pool owner’s responsibility to prevent the debris from following through the pool skimmer before emptying the pool skimmer basket. It is a simple process to do.

Skimmers help protect your pool against wastewater and remove debris. Moreover, it plays a very important role in maintaining the clarity of your pool water. This is why it is very important to install it properly.

How to Vacuum a Pool Using Skimmer

Most pool owners use skimmers to remove leaves, pulses, and other yard waste from the pool. Sometimes, when a big storm comes and your pool is filled with all kinds of dirt and debris, then it becomes urgent to vacuum your pool. If you want to clean the bottom of your pool using your schemer, you need to collect the following materials:

  • A vacuum head.
  • A telescopic pole. Which is long enough to reach the deepest part of your pool.
  • A vacuum hose.

You can use a skimmer vacuum plate, sometimes called a skim vacuum. This allows you to use your skimmer basket. Without this plate, you can do vacuuming work, but you must use a pump strainer basket.

Using slow, and long strokes you start to vacuum from the top edge of your pool water. When the upper part is finished vacuuming, now you start to vacuum the bottom part. Once you have finished vacuuming all the debris at the bottom of your pond, slightly overlap your strokes again at the bottom of the water. To make sure that the bottom of the water is well cleaned.

Take a lot of time to vacuum the pool, then you can clean the pool very well. If you clean it too soon, the debris will not rise well. If you notice that your pool water is becoming cloudy. In that case, you’ll have to wait a few hours for the material floating below and then vacuum again.

When you are done, separate the vacuum head from your pole and clean your pool walls and other materials with a clean brush. Now you clean your vacuum equipment. Once your pool is clean and balanced, now is the time for some swimming!


Can vacuuming remove algae from a swimming pool?

Yes, you can remove algae from the pool with a vacuum. But some algae can be difficult to remove, especially those that accumulate in the corners and grooves of your swimming pool. You may not be able to remove all the algae in your pool when you vacuum alone. Usually, vacuuming helps you prevent algae. Which immediately removes debris like leaves and other organic matter from your pool very easily. And it helps you keep your pool water clean and discourages algae growth.

How many times should I vacuum my swimming pool?

It’s a good idea to vacuum your pool once a week. Your swimming pool should be vacuumed whenever you notice a large amount of debris, dirt, or leaves on the pool floor. Keep in mind, after a heavy storm, you must vacuuming your pool.

Why do I need to vacuum my pool if I have a robotic pool cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners are great for light cleaning. If you want to maintain and clean your pool every day, you can use robotic pool cleaners. But robotic pool cleaners are not designed for heavy lifting. If debris is not removed immediately, it can ruin your water quality and lead to maintenance problems like algae. A pool vacuum works on heavy debris, which helps you keep your pool clean and prevent maintenance headaches.


As you see above, Pool skimmers are an integral part of cleaning and maintaining your pool. These skimmers are the entrance to your pool’s filtration system, which keeps your pool clean. That is why you can get rid of any debris and keep your pool’s circulatory system working at all times. Skimmers will collect all the major contaminants, while the pool filter will take care of the smaller contaminants. Together they enhance the cleanliness of your pool. Protection Status
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