What CFM Vacuum Pump Do I Need For Automotive

CFM Vacuum Pump Do I Need For Automotive

What CFM Vacuum Pump Do I Need For Automotive? Are you unsure which CFM vacuum pump to get for your automotive or where to even begin?

There are several things to consider when selecting the right pump. There are so many options out there, where do you start? Would it be better to get a single-stage or a two-stage? How many CFM is needed? 

Don’t get bogged down in analysis paralysis. There’s no need to worry, you can exhale. We’ve done lots of research on it. Here’s what we think are the most important and best options you should consider.

Single Stage & Two Stage – What Is The Difference

Single-stage pumps cost about half as much as two-stage pumps. Two-stage pumps have two rotor and valve assemblies. In other words, the first stage generates a vacuum and the second stage cleans the system, resulting in a deeper level of vacuum. Thus, two-stage pumps can create a deeper vacuum than single-stage pumps.

Depending on altitude, both two-stage and single-stage pumps can reach 29.92 inches of mercury at sea level. What you want to achieve should be considered when selecting your pump. You should use a two-stage pump if you want a faster evacuation, cleaner process, and quieter operation.

CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)

A pump will move this many cubic feet of free air per minute. When using large vacuum presses with an automated vacuum control system, there is a much greater volume of air to remove from the system. A pump with a higher CFM rating will help you reach full vacuum more quickly. A higher CFM rating does not necessarily mean a better vacuum, but simply a faster evacuation. For this setup, an 8 CFM two-stage vacuum pump will be easy to connect.

An auto air conditioning mechanic and automotive shop can use an A/C vacuum pump for several purposes. Its primary purpose is to remove air and moisture from your automobile’s air conditioning system. Water poses a serious threat to your car’s air conditioning system. As moisture moves through the refrigerant line, it crystallizes wherever it expands. 

When moisture mixes with refrigerants, it becomes extremely corrosive. You won’t notice the damage until it’s too late. In the air conditioning system, a vacuum pump removes moisture by creating a vacuum. Low pressure causes moisture to boil off at low temperatures. This will vaporize the water and allow it to escape. 

The most common and best models that you will find in a professional auto shop are electric ones. There is at least one in every professional auto shop and air-conditioner mechanic. Now, you have to decide whether to buy or rent. Air conditioning vacuum pumps usually have a CFM rating on the box. It indicates how much air it can remove from the system. The pump will achieve the proper vacuum more quickly if it can move more air. 

You can find two-stage pumps as well as one-stage pumps. Furthermore, the two-stage pumps are faster and more efficient, but a single-stage pump will do the job. 

How To Choose A CFM Vacuum Pump With CFM Vacuum Pump For Automotive

Below is a handy reference to help you choose the right CFM vacuum pump for your needs.

  • Up to 10 tons. Passenger Car, Domestic refrigeration. Use 1.2 CFM
  • Up to 30 tons. Panel trucks, RVs, Residential A/C. Use 4 CFM
  • Up to 50 tons. Tractors/trailers bus Rooftop A/C systems. Use 6 CFM
  • Up to 70 tons. Use 10 CFM 

When To Perform Oil Maintenance With CFM Vacuum Pump For Automotive

After you have chosen the right model for your automotive shop, you will need to maintain it properly. You should change the oil regularly. Change the oil if: 

  1. The air conditioning system you just evacuated was contaminated with moisture.
  2. After the compressor burned out, the system was evacuated.
  3. The vacuum pump oil appears cloudy or milky. 
  4. When the vacuum pump does not pull the factory-rated micron range.


When servicing your air conditioner, it’s important not only to fix the immediate problem but also to make sure that any components of the refrigeration system you replace will last. With so many options available, you should be able to narrow down your options to find the CFM vacuum that is right for you.

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