Will Vacuuming Kill Bed Bugs

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This is a very common question when asked for pest control companies that will vacuum kill bed bugs? And when asked they will probably tell you that killing or getting rid of bed bugs is far from easy which is somewhat true and the companies will make you believe that the only way to get rid of these nasty infestations is to contact pest control authorities. 

Many people cannot afford that kind of luxury and you can simply use a vacuum cleaner if your budget doesn’t allow you to go extravagant. You can easily remedy this problem on your own. Vacuums can be of great help in reducing and getting rid of the bed bugs in specific areas however if the bugs are in a form of a cluster, a vacuum can help you capture a lot of that but it’s not always 100% effective or even ideal.

Should You Vacuum Bed Bugs

When you aim to get rid of these irritating and annoying bed bugs infestation with the use of any harsh chemical, vacuuming is the best and by far the most convenient method. Again vacuuming is not enough to eliminate bed bugs, but it can help a lot. Especially if the infestation is new and they haven’t hatched colonies. Vacuuming can help you a lot with this issue without experimenting with harsh chemicals.

Vacuuming lets you; get rid of the bugs that are resistant to insecticides., will help you eliminate clusters and clumps of these disgusting bugs fast, vacuuming will control bugs on material and in those areas where it’s not effective or safe to use insecticide.

Vacuuming can be efficient, all you need to take care of is timing. It will be rather effective if you do it repeatedly and before the bed bugs are disturbed and while they are still clumped together.

Tips To Effectively Vacuum Bed Bugs

Before marching down to battle with the bugs it’s recommended to do a comprehensive investigation around the house so that you have a conclusive insight of the most affected areas where the bugs might have laid eggs or simply those areas that require a little care. Once you know all the hot zones, you can take out your vacuum cleaner and start working your way to sanitization to make sure your vacuum has great suction. This will play a key role in eliminating those hidden bugs in the cracks of the wall.

You also need to methodically plan your strategy. You don’t want to turn the vacuum on to its full suction and have them all scattered around the house. Make sure you have controlled but firm vacuuming so that you can easily scoop out all the bugs without giving them a chance to escape.

Make sure to do at least two to three repetitions of the deep cleaning process and handle the vacuum with extra care, make sure to double-check after cleaning and take extra caution while cleaning the furniture or the bedding.

Will Bed Bugs Live And Survive Inside The Vacuum

As I have mentioned earlier make sure that your vacuum is clean and empty because if the vacuum is not empty the bugs might actually survive inside the vacuum.

The vacuum can’t kill the bugs. This disgusting infestation can easily survive inside the vacuum for more than 6 months without food, they don’t even need water to survive. And they will not prefer to stay inside the vacuum forever so make sure to clean your furniture thoroughly and after that dump whatever you collected as far as you can so that they don’t come back and attack your house.

You also have to be careful when it comes to carpet dry cleaners, steam cleaners, or rented carpets. They are like an open invitation for bed bugs. Make sure to use a bagless vacuum cleaner. They are a far better and more preferred option when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs because it’s easier to clean.


Bed bug infestation is a terrible problem to have. You can easily remedy this problem using a strong suction vacuum cleaner. Just make sure to thoroughly clean the infected area and make sure to repeatedly do so. Make sure to clean the vacuum after cleaning the house because these bugs can survive up to 6 months without food or water.

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