Shark vs Dyson in 2024: Which Brand to Prefer?

Shark vs Dyson

Shark and Dyson are two companies that leave a mark on the market in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners, due to their variety in the products they offer. All brands have vacuum cleaners that offer output without losing suction and clogging up. In addition, they can be used on carpeted floors and non-carpeted surfaces.

In this in-depth Shark vs. Dyson vacuum comparison, you will note that both brands utilize the same design as that of bagless containers to gather dust and dirt. Other specific features are provided by their vacuum designs, such as a switch to choose whether you want the brush to shift if you are cleaning carpets and just want it to remain in one place for floors without carpets.

Shark vs Dyson

The main difference, though, is seen in the cost, with the Dyson vacuum cleaners definitely being more costly than the Shark models. Sharks brand vacuum cleaners also have a way shorter charging wire but are smaller as well.

Shark Ion Rocket

The display on this device looks more like a touchscreen interface with four different choices which includes a carpet mode, a bare floor mode, a standard suction mode, and of course a max suction mode to ensure quicker cleanups. This versatility is achieved via cool interchangeable tools and even a removable wand which allows the user to switch things up by attaching and detaching the tools. Then if you take into consideration the lithium-ion battery which is a lovely break from the previous power cord limitation, this device will operate and run for about 30 minutes.

The IR101 comes with a washable foam filter as with all Shark vacuums. This is not the same as the one in Dyson which has a pre-motor HEPA filter but it is still pretty good! Keep in mind that the filtration system might not be as effective as a Dyson vacuum, so you will need to clean out the filter frequently.

This Shark vacuum comes equipped with a compact Lithium-ion battery which can also be removed to be recharged. The really different thing about this product is that you have the choice to either charge it using the vacuum plug or without plugging it in.

The Shark IR101 does not have the best run time which ranges from 20 to as much as 45 minutes but the problem is that the brand doesn’t give an exact amount. That being said, it is all about the kind of mode you use as operating the bare floor mode will allow for a longer to run time.

This vacuum was not designed to handle deep cleaning of carpets or rugs however as its main task is to clean everyday messes and also to avoid a mess being left unattended for a long time.


Shark Rotator NV752

The TruePet NV752 Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum claims to merge three vacuums into one thus providing you with not only a very compact canister, a powerful upright and of course a lift-away pod. This means that this vacuum can be used to manage an easy standard cleaning job with ease along with a more upgraded and powerful clean via the lift-away function to detach the canister from the ground-to-ceiling cleaning head.

This 15.6-pound vacuum from Shark comes equipped with a 30-foot power cord and can clean a diameter of 12-inch. It also comes with a Hard Floor Genie attachment for bare floor cleaning with one microfiber sheet, pet upholstery tool, a canister caddy, a dusting genie plus a dusting brush, a TruePet Mini Motorized Brush attachment for pet hair collection, and accessory pack.

Helpful features include LED lights on the wand for illuminating dirt and dust, swivel steering for easy maneuvering, and anti-allergen technology combined with a HEPA filter for trapping allergens.

The Rotator provides what is perhaps most critical in a vacuum, which is good performance across all styles of floors. It can take in a huge amount of dirt at one time.

Dyson V7 Trigger

Next, we are talking about the V7 which is an upgrade from the brand and is a mixture of V6 and V8. It uses the same equipment as the V6 with the V8’s dirt tank. Even the electric engine is the same in this model and you will also get attachments that can get smaller crevices and a mini turbo brush.

This device has a mini turbo brush contains stiff bristles which make it functional to successfully deep clean upholstery. What is really cool is that most variants of the V7 have 15 cyclones that deter dirt from quickly blocking up the filter. It’s definitely an important feature because you don’t have to wash the filter as often as possible. Dyson states this characteristic can filter down contaminants as small as 0.5 microns. However, not all is good as the first problem would be run time. If you need extra power, you will obviously switch on the “max” mode, but that will shorten down the run time down to 5 minutes.

If as a user, you don’t mind spending huge amounts of money then this device is good but if not, it is a bit on the expensive side. The strong airflow works brilliantly at collecting dirt on the surface regardless of thickness. .

Dyson V11

The Dyson V11 as a high end vacuum wins our highest rating in the field, whether for regular floor surfaces, or pet hair cleaning tests and not to mention that it is super eco-friendly as well as it passed all clean emissions measures. It is also not a noisy vacuum which is a great feature especially if you do your cleaning early in the morning, however like most stick devices, full charge takes around 4 hours

The main change to this vacuum in the V-series vacuum system is the addition of an LCD display which displays the projected remaining battery life, the current vacuum mode which is being used and any alerts or instructions that may be relevant. The only thing that might be a real problem is that it is quite expensive. Protection Status
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