Which Dyson Vacuum Do I Have?

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Which Dyson vacuum do You have? Using a Dyson vacuum but not sure which model it is? Well, it is very easy to find. In the below part of the article, we will let you know different ways to find out which model of the Dyson vacuum you have.

The Dyson vacuum is known for its quality performance and durable service. They are widely popular for vacuum machines with high suction power and impressive versatility. Nowadays, a lot of people use the Dyson vacuum cleaner. There are several vacuum machines from the manufacturer and it can be a bit tricky to find out which model of vacuum you are using.

If you don’t know what model of the Dyson vacuum you are using, keep reading the article. We will discuss how to find out the model of your Dyson vacuum. Along with that, we will also let you know some other aspects of the Dyson vacuums.

How to Find Out Which Dyson Vacuum You Have

All the vacuum cleaners arrive with a number known as the serial number. It is a number used to identify the specific machine by the customer support while answering queries and offering warranty services. There is also a unique name or model of the Dyson vacuum. You will require the model’s name and the serial number for a variety of purposes. One of the common reasons is to claim the warranty of the product.

You simply cannot claim the warranty if you don’t know the model number while claiming online. Moreover, if you have any specific queries about the vacuum cleaner, you will be asked to provide the number before giving you the answer. Furthermore, you will require the model number of the vacuum cleaner while ordering parts of it online.

Like the other vacuums, every Dyson vacuums also include a serial number. You can easily get the answer to your queries by contacting customer support by showing them the serial number. On the official website of Dyson, you can enter the serial number’s first three-digit to get support.

The question is how to find the serial number. Well, that is pretty easy. You need to find the label of your machine. You will find something like this “Serial No. and a number in the white background. This should be available under the Dyson logo.

How to Find the Label

The label will be at different places depending on the specific vacuum model.

  • In the stick vacuum, you will find the label behind the clear bin of the machine. It should also be on the underside of the battery pack.
  • The label in the Dyson vacuum cleaner is behind the filter in the handheld vacuum cleaners. Like the stick vacuum, you will also find it underside the battery pack.
  • The label will be found behind the clear bin in the upright vacuums from Dyson. You will also find it underside of the machine and underneath the wand handle.
  • In the cylinder vacuum, you will find it behind the clear bin and underside of the machine.
  • In the robot Dyson vacuum, you should find it in the clear bin.

As you see, the label is available behind the clear bin in almost all variations of the Dyson vacuum. So, make sure to check the clear bin first to identify the label.

Different Ways to Find Vacuum Model and Serial No

If you are finding a hard time finding out the model and the serial number of your vacuum cleaner, keep reading the below paragraph. The thing is it is not that hard to find the vacuum model and serial number. All you need to do is to give a careful look at some specific parts of the machine. Most of the popular vacuum typically put the label in easily viewable parts so that the user can easily find.

As an example, most of the canister vacuum includes the label on the while side of the canister. If you have a canister vacuum, give a look at the bottom of the canister to find the sticker label. The sticker or label whatever you call it, is usually included in a white or silver color background in most cases.

The model number in the vacuum cleaner typically consist of the number and letters. On the other hand, the serial number in the vacuum cleaner typically consist of number. However, don’t worry much about this. Usually, the serial number is mentioned in the label and the model name or number should be available on the packaging of the product.

So it doesn’t matter which variation or model of the vacuum cleaner you are using, you can easily find the model number and the serial number by finding the label on the machine. And the label on the machine is usually put at the back or at the bottom. Check these to find out the information about the machine.

How to Claim the Warranty of The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

Since you are searching for the serial number of the vacuum cleaner, you might require it to claim the warranty of the product. Usually, Dyson offers 2 years of warranty for the cordless vacuum models when the corded vacuums have up to 5 years of warranty. If the machine gets malfunctioned or damaged during usual use, you might get it repaired or fixed free of charge.

The warranty covers the parts which even include the battery. Apart from repairing the machine, the manufacturer sometimes even offers a replacement if the machine they are unable to repair it. On the website of the manufacturer, they recommend you to go through the troubleshooting first to detect the issue. If the issue is not solved through troubleshooting, you will require calling them at 844-705-4777.

After calling them and hearing the issue, they will decide whether you will get a cost-free repair or replacement.


You can easily find out which Dyson vacuum you have by simply giving a look at the label. There you will find the serial number and the model number of the vacuum. The model number of the vacuum can also be found in the package.

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