How To Vacuum A Coleman Pool Without Skimmer  

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Vacuuming A Coleman Pool Without Skimmer

How To Vacuum A Coleman Pool Without Skimmer ? Owning a pool is one of the most extraordinary things one can have in his house. There are few things better than private pools that give you the joy you desire. Coleman pools are most demanded everywhere around the world. Their flexible design makes them stand out of the circle.

Benefits Of Coleman Pools

The owner does not have to dig deep into the ground to make a pool; instead, it stands on the ground like a huge tub. But there are specific duties that come with the Coleman pool-like cleaning, but it becomes difficult if your pool doesn’t feature a skimmer. This article will let you know how to vacuum the Coleman pool without a skimmer.

A pool owner knows how important it is to maintain a clean and tidy pool and its role in keeping the Coleman pool crystal clear. Regular maintenance also increases the pool’s life. Unlike the standard pools that fit into the ground and are very difficult to clean, Colemans are relatively easy and simple to maintain.

How To Maintain Coleman Pools

They require the same attention as the regular pools. However, if you fail to do so, you are inviting a bunch of bacteria, algae, and debris. It will not only contaminate the Coleman pool but also affect its outer body. Continue reading this short article that will educate you on how to maintain your Coleman pool effectively.

First, you have to consider all the THINGS THAT YOU WILL NEED while carrying this task. For vacuuming the Coleman pool without a skimmer, you will require a vacuum head obviously, a telescoping pole to ensure easy access to the pool’s depth, and a vacuum hose. Once you are equipped with all these. Continue with the following steps:

Step 1 – Set Up The Vacuum To Vacuum A Coleman Pool Without Skimmer

Take both ends of the vacuum and connect one end of the hose to the telescoping pole. It will allow you to land the vacuum head into the pool. After that, sink the vacuum head into the pool until it touches the floor. that will be the place where you’ll start cleaning.

Step 2 – Turn The Vacuum Air-free

Next, you need to expel all the air from the vacuum cleaner, and for this just Push, the open end of the hose against a return outlet, the only purpose of it will be expelling all the air inside the vacuum. While performing this task, you must hold the telescoping pole into the positing so that the vacuum head doesn’t float when the air is ejected from it. This process should be continued until there are no more visible bubbles.

Step 3 – Attach The Hose With The Suction Port

After that, detach the vacuum hose from the return outlet after the air is ejected and attach it to the suction port. As your pool doesn’t have a skimmer, that’s why you will be attaching the return outlet directly to the suction port. If you are willing to attach the hose with the suction port outside the pool, do it as fast as possible to prevent air from going into the hose again.

Step 4 – Start The Vacuum Process To Vacuum A Coleman Pool Without Skimmer

To start vacuuming the pool, you need to stand at a position where the pool’s floor is visible. Pass the vacuum head down to the depth of your Coleman pool but do it in a series of slow motions. It will be great To try to overlap the strokes to ensure all the debris is collected into the vacuum head.

While vacuuming the pool, try to be as steady as possible as it won’t be good if the debris starts roaming into the water, but if you do so, just wait for a couple of hours until it settles at the ground. Remember that the vacuum hose needs to stay underwater throughout the process to keep the prime.

Step 5 – Clean the Equipment After Vacuuming The Pool To Vacuum A Coleman Pool Without Skimmer

After the pool is clean and making it debris-free, disassemble the vacuum parts. Also must wash them properly before drying them.

It is undoubtedly a fact that cleaning a Coleman pool is as tricky as keeping the water PH-balanced, but everything comfort comes at a cost, so it needs routine maintenance. Vacuum the Coleman pool with short intervals so that I don’t get too dirty before you need to indulge so much effort in cleaning it again.


By following the simple steps shown in the article, you will be able to maintain the Coleman pool much more effectively and keep it algae and debris-free for over a long period.

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