How to Use Rainbow Vacuum as Air Purifier

Rainbow is one of the popular brands of quality and powerful vacuum cleaners in the market. They arrive with high suction power which makes the vacuum cleaner a perfect fit for a variety of activities. One of the interesting aspects of the vacuum cleaner is they can be used as an air purifier. If you are wondering about how to use a rainbow vacuum as an air purifier, you have arrived at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the step by step guide on how to use a rainbow vacuum as an air purifier. Keep reading the article to find out the guide to turn your rainbow vacuum into an air purifier.

A Bit More About the Rainbow Vacuums

As we said earlier, rainbow vacuums are one of the popular vacuums available in the market currently. They arrive with high-quality components to assure you of superior grade performance. The average quality vacuum available in the market typically includes a bag to catch the debris, dirt, and other things.

On the other hand, the Rainbow vacuum equips a HEPA filter system that is amazingly great to capture the dust particles and other tinniest particles in the air. It can also capture the dust molecules as well as the pet dander. As a result, for those who require worrying about allergies, the vacuum comes as a great help.

Some of the Rainbow vacuum also equips filter that equips water to capture the dirt and other particles. This assure that the particles that the vacuum is capturing are not going back to the air. When the low-quality vacuum cleaners can recirculate the dirt in the air, the Rainbow vacuum trusts them properly to assure the perfect quality of the air. Your room will be cleaner when you use the Rainbow vacuum for cleaning it.

Another impressive thing about the Rainbow vacuum is there are a lot of accessories that you can add to it to clean additional things. Such as, there are upholstery cleaning attachments that allow you to clean the upholstery and furniture. There is a blind cleaning attachment, dusting attachment, and much more. They are suitable for specific works to provide you with effective cleaning.

One of the impressive parts of the vacuum cleaner is the aquamate shampooer. This attachment allows you to turn your vacuum cleaner into a carpet shampooer. You can even clean a very dirty carpet with stains using the vacuum cleaner.

Is It Really Possible to Use the Rainbow Vacuum as Air Purifier?

Yes, the answer is yes. That is because of the impressive addition of the unique features of the vacuum cleaner. As we said above, some models of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner arrive with a water filtration system. At first, the vacuum cleaner traps the dust, and then they go through the water filter. This makes the dirt wet and as a result, they cannot move and release it into the air again. Following the way, machines can assure better clean compared to the usual cleaning vacuums.

This exact feature helps you to turn the Rainbow vacuum into an air purifier. As the collected dust, dirt, pollen, and allergies are trapped and wet, they cannot fly. When you turn on the machine without any hose or attachments, the air from your room will go through the vacuum and the particles from the air will be trapped through water filtration. The clean air will come out from the other part of the filtration system.

So, the takeout here is you will require a Rainbow vacuum cleaner that arrives with a water filtration system. If the machine doesn’t equip this special feature, you cannot use the machine as an air purifier.

How to Use Rainbow Vacuum as Air Purifier

It is actually pretty easy to use the Rainbow vacuum cleaner as an air purifier. It is easier than vacuuming with the device. Below, we will discuss how to make use of the rainbow vacuum cleaner as an air purifier. However, before you begin, make sure that you have a vacuum cleaner from Rainbow that equips the air filtration technology. If you already have it, follow the below steps to turn the vacuum into an air purifier.

  1. Begin with filling the water reservoir in the Rainbow water tank. Make sure that you are using the cool water. Also, make sure you are filling the water up to the water-level dome.
  2. Once you are done, position the power unit on the water reservoir. Assure correct alignment of the air intake in both openings. After that, secure the latches by fastening them. You will find them on each side of the water reservoir.
  3. The next thing you need to do is to power up the vacuum cleaner or to-be air purifier. Connect the power cord of the vacuum cleaner to an electric outlet. Now turn on the machine.
  4. That’s it, you are almost done. Simply leave the machine at your preferred place where you want to purify the air.

Should I Use My Rainbow Vacuum as Air Purifier?

The Rainbow Air Purifier arrives with excellent durability. These vacuums can last more than decades with powerful and high-grade material construction. So, you can utilize the vacuum as a purifier as long as you want without any further thoughts. However, the sound of the vacuum cleaner can be an issue. There are quiet operating vacuum cleaners from the manufacturer with water filtration systems. You can consider the quiet one if the sound is an issue for you.

Note that the machine is designed to vacuum things not to purify the air. So, you might not get the same level of performance with it that you would have got from a dedicated air purifier. Furthermore, it will not a feasible idea to utilize a $2k vacuum cleaner to purify the air. So, keep these things in mind while utilizing the vacuum cleaner as an air purifier.


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