How to Connect Pool Vacuum to Pump

When it comes to clean and maintaining the pool, the robotic cleaner is one of the best options. But this is not cheap and available everywhere. In such a case, vacuuming can be a solution for you. It allows you to effectively clean the pool by capturing things like algae and other floating objects. To clean the pool, you need to connect the pool vacuum to the pump.

It might be a bit tricky to understand how to connect the pool vacuum to the pump. Well, as you have arrived at the right place, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. Below, we will let you know how to connect a pool vacuum to the pump. Along with that, we will also discuss how to vacuum clean the pool. Keep reading for further information.

How to Connect Pool Vacuum to Pump

Using a handheld vacuum for cleaning the pool will require more effort. You can make things easier by connecting the vacuum to the pool’s pump, suction part, or skimmer. Apart from making the entire cleaning cycle easier, it also helps to maintain the condition of the pool. Below we will discuss steps you need to follow for this. Keep reading the article to find out all the information regarding this.

Step 1

The first thing you require doing is shutting off the pump. Never try to clean the pool when the pump is on. So, begin with finding the switch that operates the power or electricity for the pump and turn it off. The next thing you need to do is to set the filter to the appropriate mode for the cleaning work.

Step 2

Usually, there is a switch in the fool filtration system that includes options like swimming, cleaning, vacuuming, etc. Depending on the switch, put it on the pump to waste, cleaning, or vacuuming option. If you are not sure about which option to use, give a read to the manual to find out the answer.

Step 3

Before moving to the next section, you should get rid of the larger debris that is floating on the top. You can simply use a net or pool brush to get rid of them. The next thing you need to do is to empty the skimmer basket. If there are multiple skimmers at your pool, make sure to close all of them and keep one open. Before doing that, empty their basket. It is suggested to keep the skimmer open which is close to the pump.

Step 4

There are return lines in their pool that send water to it. They are typically situated in the wall of the pool in the middle. What you need to do is to stop the return line to prevent water from flowing when you are vacuuming or cleaning it.

Step 5

Now we have arrived at the most important part. Now you will require assembling the vacuum hose together for the vacuuming. Make sure that the hose is long enough for covering the pool. There can be different mechanisms to attach the hose such as screw or threading. If there is any confusion, check out your user manual for the right information regarding this.

Step 6

You will not want the air to sit inside the pipe and causing issues while vacuuming. To prevent this, put the hose on the pool water to fill it. This will help to remove the air from the hose. When they are filled with water, you can take out the hose.

Step 7

Now you will require attaching the hose with the skimmer, filter, or the suction port depending on the vacuum. If the connection goes with the skimmer, you will require to attach it with the adapter and then attach the adapter with the skimmer.

If it goes to the suction port, you will require there might be a valve. You will require to twist the valve to open it and then screw the hose to make the connection. If the hose goes with the filter, you will require removing the cap from it and then screw the hose with the filter. It would be better if you give a look at the user manual to find out the correct approach to using it.

Step 8

The next thing you need to do is to put the vacuum in the water to get rid of the air pockets on it. Just keep it around 15 to 30 seconds to remove the pocket and fill it with water. Then you will require connecting the hose of the vacuum. Make sure that you are attaching the right end of the hose to assure correct operation.

How to Vacuum Clean a Pool

When you are done with connecting the pool with the pump, now you are ready for cleaning the pool. Here are the steps you will require following for this.

  1. Now turn on the pump of the pool to begin the vacuuming. It should start once you press the button.
  2. Sometimes the canister of the vacuum can get clogged with and stop functioning because of the objects below the pool it is collecting. Make sure to give a look frequently to it for avoiding the clog. If it gets clogged, clean it by turning off the pump.
  3. Also, keep an eye on the skimmer basket. It might get full because of too much debris. You will require removing the trash when it becomes full.
  4. When the pool is clean, you can remove the hose from the skimmer or where you have attached it. Empty the hose, canister, skimmer, and any other places where the debris is stored.
  5. Reset all the skimmers and put back their basket. Also, reset the filter setting once you are done. Based on the filter you are using, it will be either normal mode, standard mode, or something like this.


We hope you will be able to connect the pool vacuum to the pump using the above information along with cleaning the pool. Let us know if you face any issues while doing it through the comment. Protection Status
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