How Much is a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner?

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is one of the most discussed vacuum cleaners out there nowadays. And, there is an obvious reason behind this. The Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner is currently considered the best vacuum cleaner system out there. But how much is a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner?

If you want to know about the cost of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, you have arrived at the right place. Keep reading the article to find out how much a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner costs. Along with the cost of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, we will also discuss some additional information about the product.

About the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

As said above, the is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners in the world currently. The reliability of the vacuum cleaner makes it a winner. Some of the vacuum cleaner devices from the manufacturer can last more than twenty years. That is quite a big lifespan for a thing like a vacuum cleaner. You will not find another vacuum cleaner that can last such a huge period. The lifespan of the vacuum cleaner makes it the best choice in terms of durability.

Another impressive thing about the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner is it arrives with versatile cleaning attachments. By making use of the attachments that arrive with the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, you can clean different types of surfaces at your home. Furthermore, you can make use of the attachments to clean upholstery, wall, carpet, rug, and other things. One of the unusual and interesting uses of the vacuum is using it as an air freshener or purifier.

The best thing about the Rainbow Vacuum is its wet filtration system. The other vacuum equips a dry dust tank where the dust is stored. Some of the dust can also come out in the air which means that your space is not fully clean. But with the water filtration system, the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner turns the dust into wet and prevents it from leaving the storage. By doing this, the machine can also purify the air of the home.

Some of the vacuums from the Rainbow equip multiple filtration systems to assure you the best cleaning. Along with the quality parts of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, you can enjoy a long-term performance from it. The cost of the product may be a bit high but considering the lifespan and performance, it is a worthy investment.

How Much is a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner?

In the above, we have discussed the quality of the Rainbow Vacuum. With such high-grade features, performance, decade long lifespan, the cost of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner is higher compared to the other vacuum cleaner out there. The cost of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner usually varies from $1500 to $3000. You might be shocked to see such a huge cost. That is because there is a lot of vacuum available in the market at a lower class than this.

Even, you can get a decent vacuum cleaner that costs $100. But what makes the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner different is its lifespan. Not a lot of vacuums out there can assure you more than 20 years of durability. Due to constant uses, vacuum cleaner devices tend to break in quick order. On the other hand, the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner arrives with impressive durability and has the possibility to be a lifetime companion.

A brand that is often compared to the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner is the Dyson vacuum. Dyson vacuum is well-known for its efficient suction power and it can produce more suction power than the Rainbow Vacuum. When you can find a decent vacuum from Dyson at less than $500, the starting cost of the Rainbow Vacuum is $1500 which can go up to $3000. So, the cost of the Rainbow Vacuum is obviously high than the other vacuums out there.

Why does the Rainbow Vacuum Cost So Much?

Well, the long-term durability that you get from the Rainbow Vacuum doesn’t come easy. The vacuum manufacturer needs to produce the product and accessories with the highest quality material to ensure this. One of the main reasons behind the big cost tag of the Rainbow Vacuum is its quality materials. Starting from the motor to the other spare parts and accessories, everything is made of quality materials.

Dyson vacuum even offers you long warranty coverage for the product to assure a worry-free performance. While searching for a vacuum cleaner, you can even find some decent choices at $100 or less than that. But the issue is this vacuum will hardly last around one year. That means if you purchase this will replacing it with a new one. Now instead of investing $100 for a vacuum with low power and low versatility, it will be a good idea to purchase a vacuum for $1500 that will last for one decade (sometimes two).

So, the reason is obvious here, the Rainbow Vacuum will be last for a long period as it is built to last long. Although, there is another reason behind the expensiveness of the Rainbow Vacuum. That is, the vacuum cleaner is not directly sold by the manufacturer’s brand. Instead, there is an independent authorized distributor out there. Although they get the product from the manufacturer at a certain cost, they sell it at a  different price.

That is why the cost of the Rainbow Vacuum is different at different locations. On the other hand, the Rainbow Vacuum distributor offers you a live demonstration and they have a sales representative to show you how it works. This also assists to increase the cost.


If you have been wondering about the cost of the Rainbow Vacuum, we hope that the above writeup will understand. As we said, the cost range of the vacuum cleaner is around $1500 to $3000. The vacuum cleaner is quite costly because of the high-grade construction materials, accessories, and long lifespan. Some people say the Vacuum is a pyramid scheme, which might also affect the expense. You can consider purchasing it if you afford decent performance for decades. Protection Status
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