How Long do Vacuum Sealed Vegetables Last

Find How Long do Vacuum Sealed Vegetables Last

Well, seems like you need to know how long do vacuum sealed vegetables last? In the fridge or without freezer? Don’t worry. We’ll discuss either cases. Once upon a time, people had to eat vegetables they bought for a particular day. But, with the advancement of vacuum sealing, now you can keep vegetables fresh for a longer period of time.

Whether it’s you or your nutritionist, anybody will want to have fresh vegetables. Why? Because, it’ll taste good and it’s also healthier. But, how long you can keep vegetables fresh? A question that’ll be answered throughout the article. So, better stay tuned.

Vegetables are something we can’t avoid. In order to stay healthy, vegetables are literally unavoidable in our lives. Hence, we need to have regular intake of vegetables. But, the vegetables need to be fresh. You can keep them fresh by vacuum sealing. But, how long does that freshness last? Let’s find out.

Find The Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Vegetables

  • Save Money
    Well, how vacuum sealing vegetables save money? It’s by harvesting and peak season and store by sealing. In that way, you can sell them when there’s a lot of demand for vegetables.
  • Save Time
    You might be busy at times to buy and cook vegetables. You might not have the energy also to go out and buy the vegetables. So, you can buy a lot at once and store them for future purpose.
  • Eat Healthier
    You know that vacuum sealing vegetables will keep them fresh, right? So, intaking fresh vegetables is healthier. Everyone want to have fresh vegetables. So, eat healthier.
  • Eat Cleaner
    If you grow your own vegetables and store them accordingly, it’ll remain under observation. Hence, there’ll be no contact of third party. So, you can eat cleaner and all.
  • Eliminate Waste
    So, when you buy or produce vegetables and it doesn’t stay fresh or decay soon, it’s a waste. However, vacuum sealing will ensure that your vegetables aren’t wasted. So, it’s good overall.

How Long Do Vacuum Sealed Vegetables Last?

Did you know that, if you can vacuum seal foods, then, it’ll last about 5 times longer. However, it might very well last a bit less. So, that’s how it goes. But, it depends on few factors.

  • Original freshness of the vegetable pieces.
  • The Perfection of sealing.
  • The Quality of sealing.

But, we’ve something more to share. If you seal vegetables, you need to freeze it. By freezing it, you’ll see that the long lasting period will be higher. Moreover, you can expect vegetables to last even up to 2 years if you can freeze them after sealing.

Should You Blanch Vegetables Before Vacuum Sealing?

Have you ever heard of blanching? Blanching helps your food to stay extra fresh even after vacuum sealing and freezing. However, it’s important to do the blanching after you clean you vegetables and right before sealing them.

It’s obvious that cruciferous release gases. But, blanching helps to deal with the problem with cruciferous vegetables. Vegetables from the mustard family such as broccoli, cabbage, etch are mainly known as cruciferous. But, without blanching them properly, you can’t keep them fresh for a long time, even if you vacuum seal.

But, blanching has other benefits as well. For example, the vegetables will stay extra fresh. It’s because, blanching make your vegetables completely free of dirt and dust. Blanching by water is the most common method for most of the people. However, the methods change from time to time.

What Vegetables Should Not Be Vacuum Sealed?

There’re few vegetables that aren’t compatible with vacuum sealing. Among them, the garlic and the mushrooms are mainly notable. But why? Actually, they have a bacteria of anaerobic type. Now, the problem is that these types of bacteria can reproduce without air also.

So, vacuum packaging doesn’t work for the purpose it’s done. So, those vegetables that aren’t compatible with vacuum sealing should be bought and eaten soon.

Success Tips for Vacuum Sealing Foods

The clean and clear formula is the best for vacuum sealing vegetables. You know why? If you vacuum seal dirty vegetables, they’ll decay sooner than you can expect. So, there’s no point of vacuum sealing without maintaining the cleanliness of vegetables.

Moreover, when you vacuum seal vegetables, it’s necessary to ensure that you do that only. So, you’ll be able to avoid getting dirt or residue on vegetables from other foods. However, we’ve got some more tips for you. Check them below.

Some extra tips for more proper sealing:

  • Clean before you seal the vegetables to avoid getting dirt or bacteria.
  • Seal adequately. Nothing less, nothing more.
  • If you’ve got a vacuum sealing machine, make sure you follow the user manual at first. It’s necessary to know how to properly seal vegetables.
  • Labelling is important. When you label with date, you know how long you’ve kept vegetables sealing.
  • Always remember to freeze after sealing. Freezing enhances the ability of vegetables and other food items stay fresh for a longer time.

Final Thoughts

So, there it is. You might’ve understood that it’s possible to vacuum seal vegetables. Also, you can see that vacuum sealed vegetables will last 2 to 5 or even more times longer. But, the key here is to freeze the vegetables after sealing them properly.

Overall, there’re no problems in vacuum sealing vegetables. However, garlic and mushroom- as we’ve already mentioned isn’t compatible with vacuum sealing process. So, it’s better to avoid vacuum sealing them.

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