How To Get Human Urine Out Of Carpet

Removing Human Urine Stains from Carpets

How To Get Human Urine Out Of Carpet

In normal routine it happens by accident that human or pet urine might end up on the carpets but the real issue is how to get rid of it from the carpet. The first thing to tell is that you can remove urine and its smell from carpet successfully but you have to use proper methods and tools.

Here we are giving you some useful recommendations and methods to get rid of it and some misconceptions about removing urine from carpets.

What works and what not?

Well it is quite prevalent in our society that vinegar can help you get rid of the smell and stain but it is not a case with vomiting, urine, etc. Moreover, baking soda is also widely recommended for this purpose but I do not think that you will want to sprinkle such things on your carpet that is hard to clean even with a vacuum. And here is the reason why you should avoid using soda on your carpet.

The most convenient things you can use for the purpose are enzymes. Enzymes will dissolve and break the organic compound like urine, vomiting and poop into its smaller, less complicated and less or no smelly components, as well as make your task less hectic. A variety of enzymes are present in the market by various companies. You can take a look of this link for more information on enzymes and their prices

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Steps for cleaning the carpet are as following:

Step 1:

First you have to take a towel and soak the urine as much as you can with it and go crazy with it because you have to absorb much of the urine in it. This will make your further work easy.
If you are done with absorption then wash the towel with water to remove the urine before putting the towel in the washing machine, you must not want your washer to smell like urine. You can also soak the towel into the warm water along with detergent and washing soda. This will help you to eliminate urine from the towel, and after it you can put it into the washer.

Step 2:

Now in this step you have to sprinkle or spray enzymes on the urinated spot on the carpet so that the leftover urine can be broken into simpler components. Let the enzyme sit there for 10 minutes or more as recommended on the packaging of the enzyme.

After it, take a clean towel, soaked in warm water to clean the area with this new towel scrub the area for more than 3 times and each time wash the towel with water and then use it for scrubbing. Make sure the towel is clean because you will never scrub urine again and again on your carpet.

Step 3:

If you are done with this method a few times then there is a stronger chance that you have made the carpet clean of urine. Now the carpet is wet and you have to dry it. For this reason you can use a shop vacuum, but make sure that the vacuum is made for liquid suction otherwise you will end up with much expense on the cleaner.

These shop vacuum cleaners are a thing to be at home, where there are pets and children. Moreover, they both can be a reason for the urine on the carpet. And if you have one in your house then step 1 of the towel can be avoided and urine can be directly sucked by the shop vacuum. And then the spot sprayed by the enzyme can be cleaned by the vacuum of the shop vacuum. These vacuums are such a blessing for the houses having children and pets.

Using this vacuum on the wet carpet treated with multiple scrubbing can help to dry the carpet quickly. You can Shop Vacuum like this one here.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

As far as Vinegar and Baking Soda are concerned they are much recommended on the internet but this is not a method to execute because as far as the stain is concerned then they can remove it but not the smell. The carpet keeps on sticking with the smell of the urine and when the smell is there then the urine has gone nowhere.

Soaked In Urine Stain:

The first thing you have to do when a child or a pet has done urination on your carpet is to take immediate action to remove urine because if it has given time to set in then it will be very difficult to remove it and it will make your room much smelly.
There are many enzymes present in the market to remove soaked urine from the carpets they get deep inside to react with urine but if they fail to perform the function then you can opt 2 option

1. You can change your carpet.
2. You can take your carpet to the carpet cleaner.

Carpet cleaner or Run doctors will clean your carpet deeply removing all the stains and smell from the carpet due to deep percolation of the urine, who knows your carpet.

If you have kids and pets in your house then it can be a much-needed process and with this step you can avoid all the above steps. Many carpet cleaners even make spot carpet cleaners like this one here for little accidents. Protection Status
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