How Often Should I Vacuum My House

Vacuuming My House

How Often Should I Vacuum My House? Cleaning your house can be tiring if you don’t do it often. If you left your house dirty and dusty throughout the week you’ll be regretting it later. Since we have vacuums to save our time and energy, cleaning can be really fun.

But the questions remain the same.

How Often You Need To Vacuum House

You should know how often you should vacuum your house to maintain your carpets and hard floors and preserve their life span. Let’s not forget vacuuming can be a chore, but it helps cleaning from places you can’t reach by hand. And soon as you are done, you just take a breath of relief.

Many people have different standards of cleaning and vacuuming, while some don’t mind a bit of dirt and dust here and there, some people want their homes to be spic and span even before they go to bed.

The fact is that some people love vacuuming and some don’t. Just make sure your vacuum cleaner is not damaging your floor, and how and often should you vacuum depending on the floor types.

Knowing Your Floor Types To Vacuum House

All types of floors collect debris and dirt from outside created by pet fur, flakes from human skin, and why not forget dust mites. A dirty floor can allow extreme grit and grime and can permanently spoil the finish of your shining floor in days as well as wear and tear rugs and carpets. Extreme dust and dirt can also damage your respiratory system.

A good vacuum can always give you a spotless look. As it will trap the dirt and dust so that it doesn’t settle in the air to resettle later.

Carpets And Rugs To Vacuum House

Carpets and rugs demand frequent vacuuming as they trap dirt and dust in their fiber. It also traps grimes and spills which makes a way for bacteria.

It also depends on how much traffic you get on the carpet. You should vacuum the areas with high traffic daily, and the rooms that have low traffic can be vacuumed twice a week. Similarly, the rooms which are less in use can be vacuumed bi-weekly. Vacuum the required area properly and don’t just call it a lick.

Hard Floors To Vacuum House

If you and your family are bringing in a lot of dirt and sand, or if you live in a dirty area or have pets then you need to only vacuum your hard surface floors once weekly.

However, the dirt and dust can always stay in the cracks and spaces in between the floorboards so you don’t want to let it go longer until and unless it’s a room that’s less in use.

Weekly vacuuming is enough for hard floors as they don’t hold dust and dirt like carpets do. This is because of the difference between them. Hard floors, flat surface, and finished looks.

Vacuum Daily If You Have Pets

If you have pets in your house, your house may probably be littered with hair and dander. And if your pets go outside they can also bring in different types of bacterias.

need to fall in love with your vacuum cleaner if you love your pets too. They also drip and drop dander and fleas. And their paws carry germs. No matter what type of flooring you have, if you have pets roaming around then you should vacuum your house daily.

Places That Needs Frequent Vacuuming

If a place or room has more traffic, it should be vacuumed more often.

Vacuum Spaces That Are Weekly Used 

Your offices and bedrooms are in daily use but usually by a few members, which helps them to stay clean for a longer period.

Vacuum High Traffic Rooms 

Places and rooms with high traffic mean more people need to be vacuumed daily. Like hallways, the kitchen and children’s play area are used more than often and get all the wear and tear which requires daily maintenance.

Vacuum Seldom Used Rooms

Rooms and spaces that are getting low traffic, fewer people. Can be vacuumed less frequently like guests rooms, formal dining rooms, and sunrooms.

Vacuum Rugs Twice

Separately vacuum rugs that cover your hardwood floors, tiles, or short fiber carpeted areas. Because rugs can gather the same amount of grimes and bacteria as carpets. If the lesser area is covered by rugs then you need to remove the carpet and separately vacuum it.

Vacuuming Room To Room

Rooms that have more traffic or rooms that people spend more time indefinitely need to be vacuumed more often than the rooms that are less occupied and less in use.


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