Don’t Vacuum Up Baking Soda

Avoid Vacuuming Baking Soda

Don’t Vacuum Up Baking Soda

Baking soda is widely recommended on the internet and many you-tube channels for getting rid of odor and stain. No doubt it is a great deodorizer and is very economical as compared to other scent powders. But is it really that good? Does it damage your vacuum cleaner? And the answer is yes it can, you should stop using it on your carpets right now.

Why is Baking Soda Bad for Vacuum Cleaners?

Baking soda is a fine particle powder and this is the main reason for it being damaging to the motor of the cleaner while here I am going to give you three reasons for how it can damage you vacuum cleaner.

1. Baking soda can destroy the motor of the cleaner:

The fine particles can get into the motor of the cleaner to damage it however many modern cleaners are given the feature of sealed motor area and the dust particles form the dust bowl or bag cannot reach the motor but still they can find some way to the motor because the particles are very tiny.
Furthermore the motor needs to cool itself because the tremendous working left it hot so for this reason it sucks in environmental air which can contain baking soda particles in it. These particles can settle down on the bearings and machinery of the motor with the passage of time, which will consequently make it hard for the vacuum to function.

2. Baking soda can Clog the Filter and Bags:

Small particles of the baking soda in air and in carpet when sucked through vacuum can reach HEPA filters or other filters present in the vacuum and can clog them, this can make the motor or machinery of the filter to work hard to take in the material and air, resultantly damaging the motor. Moreover the backup of a filter can also cause inefficient working of the filter causing the particles of baking soda to escape any loophole in the system making their way to the cause of the motor problem.

3. You can never fully get rid of baking soda on the carpet.

The particles of baking are so small that they can run deep into the fibers of the carpet hence the vacuum cleaner fails to take them in while working. Which means the cleaner cannot clean baking soda and you cannot get rid of it easily. As the baking soda is a deodorizer and it absorbs smells then the real problem starts when it absorbs odor and when it absorbs it and could not be removed your house starts to stink.

Why do People Recommend Baking Soda?

A big reason for using this power is that it is a smell absorber and people recommend it for using it in the refrigerator moreover it is cheap as compared to other substances. Baking soda also causes stain removal on many surfaces and people think that I will work in case of the carpets too.

Another reason for the use of baking powder is pest control. Baking soda is used to kill ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and other insects because of its dehydrating nature moreover it can cut these creatures consequently you will have your house free of these annoying bugs.

But this method has many cons too. A better option for pest control is the use of borax powder while it also comes with negative consequences. Most convenient method is to use the chemical powders and medicines which are specifically made for the purpose.

Cleaning Carpets:

Trying to clean carpets with the help of baking soda is never a good choice. You will definitely need other things to clean the carpet. Because this idea is like sprinkling baking soda on your clothes to clean them, this will never clean your clothes.

You will need soap and water to clean your carpets or you can take your carpets to a Carpet Cleaner like this one here.

If you are thinking about odors then you should know that stains on the carpet are a prime cause of odor and once the stains are washed away the odor will also find its way away from your carpet.

Baking soda is used to remove odor but the market has plenty of products that are made to make your house smell like gardens and the plus point is that the products will not damage your cleaner. Here is an example of such product Fragrant Scent Vacuum Cleaner Crystals Lavender Scent that you can get here.
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