How Many Decibels is a Vacuum Cleaner?

How many decibels is a vacuum cleaner? Well, the noise level or decibels of the vacuum cleaner can vary on a large scale depending on a lot of factors. In the below part of the article, we will let you know in detail about the decibel levels of a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is a very useful tool that helps us to clean things in the easiest way. It doesn’t even require any cleaning solution, water, and much effort for cleaning things. As it doesn’t require cleaning detergents or soap, the vacuum cleaner is also more economical. This thing is appropriate in every way. But the only issue about the thing is it can cause huge noise.

The noise level in the vacuum cleaner can significantly vary based on the model. No wonder that the highly powerful vacuum cleaner will cause more noise while the smaller and less powerful one will not cause much noise. In the below paragraphs, you will find detailed information on how the noise varies and what is the average dB range.

How Many Decibels is a Vacuum Cleaner?

A lot of vacuum machines include this information in the package or specification. You will find the highly capable vacuum arrives with a powerful motor. As it requires harder, it is no wonder that the motor produces more noises. But the issue is sometimes the noise can be very troublesome. It can wake up the kid or any sleeping family member, and even sometimes the neighbors.

The noise level of things is expressed in Decibels or dB. The higher the dB is, the higher the noise will. Decibels under 70 dB are considered normal at works. Let us discuss a bit more about the dB with some examples so that you can get a better understanding of the dB range. The dB of a normal conversation between two people is around 60 dB. The dB of a running freezer is around 50 dB at most.

These are in the normal range and they are not harmful to humans. As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, you should require to wear hearing protection if the dB is around 85 or above. This range of noise can significantly damage your hearing capability. Now let’s discuss the dB of the vacuum cleaner. Well, it is around 56 dB to 80 dB. The usual vacuum cleaners produce something around 60 dB.

The full-size and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners produce around 70 to 80 dB of noise. That means they are very loud and might be very disturbing. They will be uncomforting the member of the family while sometimes even affecting the neighbors. If you are aware of the noise level, you should go for a vacuum cleaner that operates around 60 to 65 dB. More than that will be very uncomfortable.

How to Find the Noise Level of a Vacuum Cleaner?

Well, in most cases, it is very to find the noise level of the vacuum cleaner. If you are going to purchase a vacuum cleaner, check its specification. It should be mentioned somewhere in the specification. If you have already bought a vacuum cleaner, then you should check the package. Give a look at the box and then search for something like this “Noise Level: ** dB”.  Sometimes it might be included on a label instead of the box.

You might also check the specification of the vacuum cleaner in the user manual that arrives with it. If you don’t have the user manual, then there is another way to check this. Simply open google and search for the specification of the vacuum cleaner with its full name. You should find a lot of websites that mentioning the dB. If it still doesn’t work, there is not much option for you. You might call customer support and ask about it.

One thing you can try is the DB Meter apps on the smartphone if none of the above works. This is easy. Simply go to the app store or Play Store available on the smartphone. Then search for a noise meter. After that, download an app with good reviews. That’s it. Now you might be able to find the dB level using it. Note that the noise level will not be fully accurate. But you will get an idea about the noise level.

Why My Vacuum is Producing More Noise?

You have a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t produce much noise during the operation. But it producing huge noise all of a sudden. In such a case, you can go through the below troubleshooting tips to find and solve the issue.

Check the Hose

Sometimes, the hose of the vacuum cleaner can get clogged with bigger particles. In this case, the sound will be caused by the air that is trying to flow through the hose. Apart from producing sound, it will also reduce the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. In such a case, detach the hose and clean it properly. You need to make sure that the thing causing the clog is removed.

Inspect the Filter

Most of the time, the vacuum cleaner produces more noise all of a sudden due to the filter. While working, the filter might get affected by dirt or get clogged. In such a situation, will become hard for it to suck and it will also start producing noise. It will also decrease the power of the machine. In such a case, make sure to clean the filter properly. You can also try replacing it and use a new one to understand whether the issue is in the filter or somewhere else.

Check the Fan

You might already know that the vacuum cleaner includes a fan. Sometimes, the fan can get affected, clogged, or broken. If the issue is with the fan, you will require replacing it.


The vacuum cleaner is a great and effective tool to keep our house clean. But it is not worth going through the noise. We hope the above guide will help you to understand the noise level of the vacuum cleaner and solve it. Protection Status
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