Cleaning Carpet with Vinegar

Check this out: Cleaning Carpet with Vinegar It’s like a secret potion for your carpet. Who knew that your kitchen’s humble vinegar could work magic on those pesky stains? Dive into a world where spills fear to tread and discover the power of vinegar on your carpet. Say goodbye to hours of scrubbing and hello to a fresh, clean look that’ll make your carpet feel brand new. Stick around, and I’ll share the ultimate hack that’ll have your carpets thanking you.

It is quite prevalent on the internet that vinegar can be used for almost every problem. I do not know why it is so but it is very annoying to see vinegar as a panacea for every problem when it is not the case.

You might not like it but it is true that vinegar is not as you have considered it.

Why Vinegar Doesn’t Work For Carpets:

If you have tried it you can tell that it was the worst hack you have tried. On hard surfaces it gets removed easily but on carpets it gets set in the carpet. Moreover, if a carpet is affected with the urine then trying to treat it with vinegar will only lead to the worst smell. Because vinegar cannot dissolve the substance into its components, it just reduces the smell for the time being but if you try to use more vinegar on the spot then it will give off a smell like body odor. Any organic material like poop, urine and vomit on carpet can only be treated with organic material like enzymes. An Enzyme Cleaner like this one here can be used to get best results with carpet. Because vinegar does not treat the cause of the problem it just kills the bacteria producing smell and when it is used up bacteria flourish again causing smell.

And please do not ever use the mixture of baking soda and vinegar for this purpose.

Organic Carpet Cleaners:

Although vinegar is an organic liquid but still it is not its function to treat carpets for urine and poop problems. This given cleaner is highly recommended for carpet cleaning purpose Carpet Miracle – Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer Solution. If you are cleaning carpet extensively then it is better to use carpet cleaners, the market has a huge variety of it. And if in your house there are children and pets then you must buy one.

Then Add Baking Soda:

We have done some experiments in our school and college days where in chemistry lab we used to mix basic salts with acids which causes bubbling of the resultant material and the same happens when you mix baking soda with vinegar, people got excited to see the effervescence of the material and think that it is working vigorously, but they fail to realize it is just a neutralization reaction making salt and water only. This salt and water has no effects on carpets for cleaning but only causes removal of the top layer in a texture style cleaning. Protection Status
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