What is the Most Powerful Shop Vacuum

The Most Powerful Vacuum..

.is the one which gets the most work done in the least amount of time. For scientifically literate people, this is exactly the definition of power i.e work done in a unit time

POWER = Work / Time

So, in order to answer the question, what is the most powerful shop vacuum, we have to look not only at the horsepower of the vacuum cleaner but also the time it takes to utilize its maximum horsepower to get the job done.

All vacuum cleaners are not create equal. Some are simply dry based. Others wet based. Some have both modes i.e dry and wet. Some have large sucking ability. Others have large blowing ability or no blower at all. Some still have large storage capacity and so on. Here at cleaning beasts, we are proud of our ability to gather all the conflicting information available on the internet and present it to you in a clear way to help you make an informed decision. So, let us get to it.

Dry or Wet?

Vacuum cleaners come in both dry and wet methods of operation. Wet vacuum uses water and has a large leak-proof container to hold the water inside. Dry vacuum on the other hand just suck up debris into a bag inside it. A dry vacuum cannot be used with water as the water will damage the filter and the accompanying container.

A wet vacuum does not have a very good filtration system and dust leaks through it. So it is not recommended to be used indoors. A dry vacuum is ideal for indoor use as it has a superb filtration system with a sealed container to hold all the debris inside it until full.

Wet vacuum on the other hand is ideal for heavy duty jobs like on garage, construction sites and industrial areas. With a large tank body to hold water and hose for hard to reach areas, its working capacity far exceeds the dry vacuum. Some wet vacuum designs have the ability to not only suck but also blow. This feature comes in handy when cleaning carpets and rugs. Small household appliances like keyboards and back of the refrigerator can be cleaned easily with the simple dry blowing function of the wet vacuum.

The List of the Most Powerful Shop Vacuum

Below, I will go over the list of three most powerful shop vacuums available in the market as of writing this blog. Read it and choose the one you think best fits your need for a vacuum cleaner.

Vacmaster Professional



Vacmaster Professional – Beast Series

This Vacmaster Professional Beast Series comes with a 16-Gallon tank and 6.5 Peak HP (horsepower) with both Wet/Dry Vacuuming ability. It is a powerful, high-performance based vacuum, designed to tackle the toughest cleanup projects—be they at the jobsite, or around the shop, or in the garage. The total storage space required by the Beast Series is minimized thankfully to its awesome design for on-board hose, accessories, and power cord storage. The head of the vacuum is made flat allowing for a unique storage space for small tools which may be required during the course of work. Over 28 feet of cleaning reach is achieved via a 7 feet hose, 18 feet power cord, and two 18 inches extension wands. This reach directly translates to reaching farther and farther from the plugged source of power. A large dust sealed on/off switch controls the power of this beast. It comes with heavy duty 360° swivel casters improving the mobility on most surfaces. Nine accessories; including a kink-resistant hose, utility nozzle, crevice tool, 2 extension wands, floor nozzle with squeegee & brush, fine dust cartridge filter, foam wet filter, and air & noise diffuser are all included in the packaging.

Craftsman XSP

This Craftsman XSP Series from the Craftsman comes with a 12-Gallon tank and 5.5 Peak HP (horsepower) with both Wet/Dry Vacuuming ability. It is a powerful vacuum cleaner. It achieves its power via its combination of long floor reach and its sucking capacity. Any job you could think of either at a jobsite, or around the cleaning shop, or in your own garage, It will be done before you think it would be done. Over 27 feet of cleaning reach is achieved via a 7 feet hose, 20 feet power cord, and two extension wands. A 2-½ inch diameter secure fit hose system keeps the hose in its place during use. It only needs 120 Volts of power source to get the job done.

Rigid WD1450

This Rigid vacuum cleaner comes with a 14-Gallon tank and 6HP (horsepower) with both Wet/Dry Vacuuming ability. Unlike other cleaners mentioned, it boasts a quiet powerful performance. The fine dust filter included in it is ideal for picking up dry materials and small amounts of liquid. It comes with a 20 feet long power cord which wraps itself nicely under the pull handle for storage. It has a powerful suction ability as well as an equally powerful blowing capacity. Accessories are stored in a small storage bag which is also quickly removable to make emptying the collected debris an easy task. Drum is a 2-piece design to accommodate for the tough working condition on jobsite. It weighs about 25 pounds which is easily carried by the side handles offering a strong grip for lifting.

Final Thoughts

As I stated earlier in the beginning of the article power is work done over time. Not all works are created equal. Sometimes it is dry work, other times wet. At times, one needs a long reach, other times a strong capacity to either blow things or suck debris in. All these tasks require special consideration for the vacuum cleaner to purchase. Afterall, one is spending his or her money to get a particular task done. What one vacuum cleaner is good at may not be so good at other tasks. So, it is a tradeoff that is made between choices. But, luckily, the market is saturated with unlimited choices to get the job done. Unfortunately, for the customer it means an inability to decide which one to finally pay for and take home to get the job done. I have come up with three of the most powerful vacuum cleaners available in the market as of this writing with versatility and power and reach and handling and storage capacity. Choose one and get to the task. You will thank me later.  



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