How To Find Dyson Vacuum Model Number

Vacuum cleaners could be dubbed a “Versatile broom”. They effortlessly remove all dust within moments, sparing your hands from discomfort. Moreover, Dyson vacuum cleaners rank among the elite in the realm of electric cleaning devices.

The main reason for success lies in the diversity of its uses. You can use it to clean your floor ( obviously), carpets, sofas, bed, curtains and even dining table too.

Thanks to the latest technology, the Dyson vacuum cleaner sucks in the tiniest particle of dirt with convenience. Also, the firm is best known for producing some fine quality products within the nominal price range.

However, there are various questions that a human may come up with when buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner. One of the critical questions among them is related to the model number of the machine. I,e “ what model number do my vacuum cleaner posses?”. Or “ which model of vacuum I have purchased”. 

So if you are also a customer searching for the same question, then look no further as you already have landed on the right page. Thus, keep on reading to find satisfying answers to all of such questions. So without any further discussion, let’s start.

Answers To All Of The Queries Regarding The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

How To Find Dyson Vacuum Model Number

Dyson has produced a decent number of vacuum cleaner models during the last few decades. Thus, it becomes essential for an individual to get known of its model number. So how do you find it? 

Well! It is a simple 2 step process. Have a look at it

Step 1: Disassemble the vacuum cleaner: firstly, dismantle the machine by removing the trash bin. To do so, push the “ Two staged button” and twist the container to get it out. 

Step 2: Find the model number:

now, look between the: suction tube and holding handle. There you will find the model number of your device. However, the model number is written in slightly shorter fonts. Thus you may need to wear reading glasses for this purpose. 

Other Places To Look For Model Number

90% of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners tend to have model numbers stated on the same site mentioned above.

 However, the firm has a diverse variety of vacuum cleaners. Thus you may look for the model number in different places for distinguishing devices.

 Here are some other spots  you can look at to find the model number

  1. Underneath the battery place
  2. On the base of the machine, besides the wheels,
  3. In front of the vacuum cleaner’s body
  4. Behind the dust canister
  5. At the very back of the machine

Why Is It Essential To Get To Know The Vacuum Cleaner’s Model Number

There are various models of vacuum cleaner that Dyson has produced. And each one of them possesses different qualities, such as Dyson V15 is best known for its built-in laser. Dyson Omni-glide is famous for its slimmest body design. 

Furthermore, Dyson V11 is said to have long-lasting battery life and a comprehensive place for the dustbin, and lastly, Dyson V8 is marked as the best selling device of the firm for its high suction limit. 

Thus, an individual needs to know the model number to possess in-depth knowledge about the model’s quality. 

In addition, this scenario also aids a customer to choose the right vacuum cleaner for himself based on his needs and preferences. 

How To Buy The Suitable Model Of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner For Yourself

Here comes the fun part,  deciding for the model number of vacuum cleaners that will serve as the perfect purchase for yourself. To do so, observe the needs of your house. Is your home too huge and needs hours of cleaning, or is your primary matter of concern is high-hygiene. Thus keep and select one according to the condition of your home. 


To conclude, Dyson is an increasingly popular brand known for producing high-quality vacuum cleaners. However, knowing the model number of your vacuum cleaner is highly crucial and beneficial. 

Thus, we have listed all of the places to find it in the article below. So, don’t forget to check for it before you buy one. Protection Status
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