How To Start Vacuum Therapy Business

Interested in starting a body contouring business? Are you interested in getting certified? Are you interested in helping people with body concerns like excess fat, deflated bums, and cellulite? Learn why vacuum therapy can be the perfect start-up for your body contouring business. Here’s why starting your body contouring business with a certification in vacuum therapy is the best option.

 Vacuum Therapy – How To Do It

There is no need for extensive training to learn vacuum therapy, as it is a fairly simple procedure. The procedure requires a vacuum therapy machine with suction cups whose primary objective is to draw the fatty tissues and lymphatic fluids away from the buttocks to increase their volume. By improving blood and lymph circulation, the method also offers other benefits, such as reducing cellulite on the thighs.

You will need to perform a minimum of 6 to 12 vacuum therapy sessions, spaced approximately one week apart, and then you will need to follow up with 1 to 2 sessions per year to maintain the results.

Step 1. Manual Palpate Rolling Massage 

First, begin by palpating the back of the thighs as the client lies on her stomach. This massage involves kneading fat from the abdomen, thighs, and back, increasing blood flow to the limbs, and stimulating the lymphatic system.

By pressing, holding/pinching, and rolling the fingers, from bottom to top, a gentle massage is performed. Massage each leg deeply for 7 minutes. Also, massage your thighs from the back to the buttocks as a way of pushing fat into your buttocks. 

While a dry massage oil will enhance the efficiency of the massage, it would be best to avoid applying too much to avoid it being sucked up by the suction machine afterward, as that could hurt it.

Step 2. Small Suction Cups To The Buttocks

Use a vacuum therapy machine to aspirate the skin from the lower thighs to the buttocks behind the thighs and along the sides of the thighs. Suction cups that are fairly small but strong enough to lift the skin and fat should be used with the machine.

The suction cup should adhere to the skin of the lower thighs; then slowly move upwards slowly to the area that will be enlarged during vacuum therapy, which is the middle of the buttocks. Push the skin towards the suction cup with your other hand while going up towards your buttocks.

After securing the suction cup on the buttocks, lift it off and begin at the lower thighs. In this way, the fat will be sucked out deeply and this motion will irrigate the blood and drain the adipose tissue by moving the fat toward the lymphatic system. Do this for 7 minutes on each leg.

Step 3. Use Large Suction Cups For The Buttocks

Vacuum therapy ends with suctioning the entire buttock with the largest suction cup normally included with the purchase of the machine. Stick two suction cups per buttock on the machine.

Use the fold line at the bottom of the buttocks as a guide when placing the bottom of the suction cup. When the skin of the buttocks is well lifted, increase the suction of the machine.

Some machines allow continuous suction as well as cyclic suction, where the machine suctions for a few seconds and then stops for a few seconds to restart. Both types of suction are very effective. Both methods should be used during treatment.

After 30 minutes of continuous suction, leave the machine in this position for 30 minutes of cyclic suction. If your client wishes to have more volume in a certain area of the buttock, you can move the suction cups to the sides, higher or lower, etc.

Keep an eye on the color of the buttock within the suction cup. The red color changes to blue when the pressure is too high; decrease the suction power.

Vacuum Therapy Treatment – How Much Can I Charge

Pricing your treatments between $75 and $175 is a good idea. Depending on the severity and the client’s goals, we often recommend a series of 6-12 weekly sessions.

How To Choose A Vacuum Therapy Machine

There are a lot of options for vacuum therapy machines. It’s the vacuum pressure power of the machine that counts the most. It’s ideal to have 60-70 Kpa. You might want to consider extras such as a timer that automatically stops the machine after a while. Or suction pads that emit infrared rays.

It’s an investment rather than an expense to choose a machine with multiple options and higher power. A single client brings in about 600 euros within the first year from vacuum therapy. Therefore, just one or two customers may be enough to pay back the machine. 


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