Do Vacuum Cleaners Kill Spiders

Exploring Vacuum Cleaners To Kill Spiders

Spiders or any kind of bug can be a real pain to clean. And can leave your house looking a little more dirty than it already is. Bugs like spiders are always on the move looking for food, shelter, and a place to crash. It is always advised to get your house checked by a pest control professional because if the matters get out of hand vacuum can be off on help. 

Does Vacuuming Kill Spiders

Spiders can be terrifying and mostly a lot of our vacuum sucks in these nasty creatures. Have you ever wondered if the spider in you is dead or alive, has it run away, or is it laying eggs and living its best life in the vacuum?

In most cases, most spiders don’t die from the vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t matter what brand your vacuum cleaner is, it’s a greater chance that the spider will survive the depths of the cleaner.

Well, either way, you are still going to suck them in your cleaner. that’s a start

Sucking Up Spiders

The spider can be terrifying. But using vacuums to clean disgusting creatures is better than using your hand. you don’t want to smash that spider to kill on the wall because that’s gonna leave a mark.

If the spider is on the ground, then use a cleaner with a rotating brush to suck up the spider. Using a rotating brush can be helpful because the force of the brush might kill the spider. This is advised to be done if the spider is on the ground it’s not advised to lift the vacuum to the wall. Lifting your vacuum against the wall can wreck your vacuum and your wall! Seriously don’t do it!

Using the vacuum hose to suck up the spider. You can leave the vacuum on for a few seconds and wait till the spider is sucked in. When the vacuum has done its job, turn the vacuum cleaner off and make sure to stick a little bit of tissue in the vacuum hose. The tissue will act as a blocker and keep the spider from climbing back up. Spider climbing up the vacuum is a rare act but you can NEVER  trust a spider, some of them are fighters.

Suck and suffocate while it seems like that sucking the spider is going to be enough to kill a spider, it’s not always the case. Fragile bugs like spiders have an added benefit of a lack of a hard exoskeleton which helps them succumb to the vacuum. So the can survive the chance of getting murder by our first weapon. While all hope is not lost, there is still a chance of them getting killed by the density of dust, dirt, and hair inside the vacuum bag might suffocate them to death.

Is It Unethical To Kill A Spider

Even though it’s not illegal or wrong to kill a spider. It’s frowned upon to kill an innocent creature no matter how much you hate it. It still doesn’t give you a reason to kill it, for example, if you think your neighbour Karen is annoying and you kind of hate her… You are not going to kill her because it’s wrong and unethical. The same theory works for animals if an animal has not physically harmed you you should not kill her

What To Do With The Spider

Now that you have sucked up that disgusting beast, it’s a chance that it can be in there for a while and can eat the dirt from the canister. Usually, waiting a year will kill the spider.

The right thing to do is to make sure that your canister is clean before you suck up the spider. Once you have the spider in your possession don’t kill it (it’s animal cruelty) take it out to the woods and release it. So that it can bother someone else. The good thing is it’s out of your hair.

Final Thought

While it’s understandable to not want a spider in your home, workplace, or anywhere. Vacuuming these invader spiders can help get rid of those who are in the view.

But there is still a chance that there might be some around the house hiding in the cracks, crevices, or maybe your shoe inside the closet. To get rid of the overall you need to do deep cleaning and clean every web or laid eggs insights. Keeping your house clean can also help. If the mess gets a little out of hand you might need to call the pest control. Protection Status
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