How to Clean My Shark Vacuum

The Shark vacuums are not becoming more and more popular in the market. It is like a cheaper alternative of the Dyson vacuum with strong suction power. The vacuum also arrives with several innovative features to make cleaning easier for you. If you have a Shark vacuum, you need to how to clean it properly.

In today’s article, we will discuss how to clean a Shark vacuum. You will find step by step guide on how to do this efficiently.

How to Clean My Shark Vacuum

Below, you will find the steps to follow for cleaning the shark vacuum. However, before you start shark vacuum cleaning, you will need some items which are given in below:

  • Hand Gloves
  • Two cups of vinegar and three tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Soap
  • Scissors
  • Soft brush
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Warm Water
  • Flashlight

Step 1

Unplug the vacuum from the electrical power line before cleaning the vacuum. Whenever you clean the vacuum try to do it somewhere outside. This is because a lot of dirt will come out when cleaning the vacuum, which can make your room dirty.

Step 2

Now, separate the canister, filter, HEPA filter, and its cover, and handle hose from the vacuum. Make sure to open these from the vacuum parts carefully. So that you can replace them properly in the same place later. It is not a difficult task.

Step 3

Next, remove the dirt thoroughly from the canister into a dirt disposal bag. Soak the canister in soapy water for a while. Wash off using a microfiber cloth. Now wash the canister thoroughly with clean cold tap water and let it dry well.

Step 4

When you remove the canister from the vacuum, you will find the filters. Depending on the shark vacuum model, the filters may be made of foam or rubber. Soak the foam/rubber filters well in soapy water for a while. Then rinse with clean tap water.

Keep in mind, filters are very soft, so they can be easily damaged. That’s why when you wash the filters, press them gently so that they don’t get damaged. Once the filters are cleaned, now place the filters on a flat surface and leave them to air-dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 5

When you go to clean the rotating brush with water, you will see strings, hair, and other elements wrapped around the brush. First, you need to clean these hairs with a brush. You use scissors to remove hair from the brush. Thoroughly clean the brush hair with scissors, taking care not to damage the bristles of the brush.

If there is any dirt inside the vacuum brush, then clean it well with a soft brush. If necessary, soak the soft brush in water to clean the vacuum brush properly. Before attaching the vacuum brush leave it in a clean place for air-drying for at least 24 hours.

Step 6

When you clean the floor, the hose may be slightly stuck due to dust accumulation. So it is important to clean the hose. If the hose is stuck, pour lukewarm water through the hose. Close one side of the hose with one hand, and also close the other side with your other hand and shake the hose well.

After that, mix the baking soda and vinegar in a bowl. Pour the mixture again on the hose. You will need to close both ends with your hands again and shake well. Remove the mixture from the hose after shaking well. Rinse the hose thoroughly with clean cold water as before. Now let the hose dry, and let it dry completely.

Step 7

Once the cleaning process is complete, you can now reassemble all parts of your vacuum. With these tips above, you can easily clean the floor with a shark vacuum.

Note that, when you go to reassemble your shark vacuum, make sure that the vacuum parts are well dried. If it is not well dried, dry it well first.

When to Clean the Vacuum

Some of your whimsy can ruin your vacuum. One of them is that you do not clean your vacuum on time. Or you don’t know when to clean your vacuum. Below we will give some signs that will help you understand that your vacuum needs to be cleaned now:

  • If you notice that your shark vacuum is not able to clean dirt, dust, hair, and other debris as before. This means that there is a lot of dirt inside your vacuum, which indicates that it needs to be cleaned.
  • When a lot of dirt accumulates inside your vacuum, an unpleasant odor is emitted from the vacuum. This odor can come out because sometimes a piece of food goes into the vacuum. This piece of food emits such an unpleasant odor when the vacuum is not cleaned for a long time. Whenever you smell like this, you need to clean your vacuum immediately.
  • Occasionally you will see your shark vacuum making unusual noises. If your vacuum makes such an unusual noise, it could mean that its filter is stuck inside. Then your vacuum can’t pull dirt from the floor like before. That means your vacuum needs a deep clean now.
  • If the motor overheats or suddenly shuts off while cleaning the floor of your shark vacuum. This means that the filter is stuck inside with dirt and it is obstructing the airflow. That’s why your vacuum gets so hot and suddenly shuts off while working.

If you use your vacuum all the time, but do not clean regularly. Then your vacuum work efficiency is decreasing day by day. Each vacuum should be cleaned consecutively at a certain time. Shark vacuum users should clean their vacuum at least twice a month. Depending on your usage, you can clean your vacuum as needed.


Your Shark vacuum can be a long-lasting companion if you take proper care of the thing. Especially, proper maintenance and cleaning are very crucial for long-term performance. We hope the above discussed guide and cleaning steps will be helpful for you to clean and maintain the vacuum cleaner. Protection Status
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