What Size Vacuum Bag For King Size Duvet

What Size Vacuum Bag For King Size Duvet

Vacuum cleaners are simple yet one of the most famous inventions of the century. It has boosted men’s ability to clean the house and has contributed a lot in minimizing time wastage. Now lets see What Size Vacuum  Bag For King Size Duvet is mad up of.

However, do you know, Investing a little more money in vacuum pack storage bags can aid a lot in creating more space in your wardrobe and drawers.

They maximize the room’s storage capacity and keep clothes clean, dry, and moth-free. Nevertheless, prior to investing your hard-earned cash in buying it, let us walk you through all of the vital information about vacuum storage bags and what size of them can be a perfect fit for the king-size duvet.

But before jumping into the actual scene, let us take a glance at other necessary information regarding vacuum bags so that you can have a wholesome experience,

How Do The Vacuum Storage Bags Work

Vacuum storage bags come in a distinguished variety of shapes and sizes. However, the most popular type is a large thick plastic bag with a sealed shut function ( usually in the form of a zipper)

Insert the attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air, which immensely reduces the bag size; as a result, you are allowed to stack them neatly away. The majority of vacuum bags reduce their size by about 50% than the actual one.

What Size Of Vacuum Bags For King Size Duvet

Now that you have a basic overview regarding the working of vacuum storage bags, it’s finally time to reveal the correct size of vacuum bag that can serve as a perfect fit for your king-size duvet.

So a vacuum bag 130 X 100 cm is large enough to store a king-size duvet. At the same time, a 100 X 70cm bag is big enough to hold a double duvet.

Will, My King Size Duvet, Remain Safe In A Vacuum Storage Bag

The simple answer to this question is ” Yes.” It will remain safe there as the vacuum bags are moth free plus waterproof as well. Thus, you can rest assured of safety for a long time.

Are Vacuum Storage Bags Allowed In Airplanes

Most airlines are more bothered about the items with excessive air inside them as they can contract and expand as the plane ascends or descends. 

Thus it is best to use bags that don’t need to be sealed, just like the vacuum cleaners. You can press and roll the vacuum bag to get the air out of it. 

So, the same is the reason that VACUUM BAGS ARE ALLOWED ON INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES. Hence, you can safely carry your king-size duvet in an airplane as well.

Can I Reduce My Flight Weight With A Vacuum Bag

Unfortunately, No. in some cases, the vacuum bags may end up adding weight because the weight of a vacuum bag is more than the weight of any air removed. 

Thus, if you are already exceeding your baggage limit and looking for a light option, a vacuum bag is recommended.

Can I Store My King Size Duvet In A Vacuum Bag More Than Once

Yes, because it is washable and reusable. So, you can use it again and again for a decent spare of time. Just make sure to clean it from time to time to get rid of the germs and harmful bacteria

How To Store My King Size Duvet In A Vacuum Bag

Wash out the duvet and pass it through the antibacterial solution. You can also get the job done through laundry service. Now let it completely dry under the sunshine( you can also use a machine dryer). 

Now shake out the duvet thoroughly to remove any access feathers. Next, fold out the duvet nicely and put it under the vacuum bag. And voila, your duvet is well packed and all ready to be stored in a cupboard or to travel. 

Final Verdict

A vacuum cleaner is an essential appliance in any household. But what’s more interesting is its bag as it contains a wide variety of uses.

 You can use it to store anything, such as a king-size duvet. Just make sure to keep it nice and careful to avoid any unease in the long run.

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