Why is My Vacuum Smoking

Finding Out Why is My Vacuum Smoking

Curious about why your vacuum is emitting smoke? Today’s the day we dive into that. Over time, your vacuum cleaner may start to falter in its performance. This deterioration can manifest in several ways, with smoking being a notable issue. Nonetheless, numerous factors could be at the root of this problem.

But, let’s talk about vacuum cleaners, at first. Do we need to remind you that it’s one of the most important appliances in our home? Well, those who love to keep their home neat and clean, knows the importance of vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners have now got advanced operations in the simplest way. Besides, you just need to turn the vacuum on and do your cleaning. It’s simple. But, these are electrical components. So, vacuum cleaners can very well smoke, at times.

Why Vacuum Cleaners are Important?

Vacuum cleaners come to our use in ways more than one. However, we’re going to talk about a few of them.

It keeps Surroundings Clean- It’s needless to mention that vacuum cleaning your apartment or office place is necessary. It’ll suck up the daily dirt and waste accumulation at your place. A good hygiene is possible with a vacuum cleaner.

Plays role in Health- Will you be healthy if you stay in an environment that isn’t clean? Or, the environment is full of dust and dander? The short answer is no. However, if the environment is clean, it’s good for health.

Vacuum cleaners have many more benefits. We’ve discussed only a few above.

The Issue of Vacuum Smoking

There could be a few possible reasons for your or my vacuum smoking. Well, let’s dive in to the reasons. After that, we’ll talk about the preventive measures that we can take to stop vacuum smoking.

One of the most common reasons of a smoking vacuum cleaner can be its vacuum belt. However, there can be other reasons too. There’s a brush roller in a vacuum cleaner, isn’t it? Well, some small to medium-sized objects can get stuck in the brush roller.

It can keep the brush roller from rotating properly. When this happens, it might very well smoke frequently.

How to Replace Belts of a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can come with replacement belts. If you don’t find extra belts for your vacuum cleaner, then buy some and keep them for emergency situation.

To replace the belt of a vacuum cleaner, flip it on the other side. Then, turn off the screw on the belt connection. Open the belt afterwards. After that, you can simple attach the new vacuum belt by simply screwing it back.

The above process can be followed on a typical vacuum cleaner. If you have got any confusion, always check the manual. It’s better if you contact an electrician or technician to replace the belt on you vacuum cleaner.

The Vacuum Smoking is Disturbing

Who wants their vacuum cleaners to smoke when they clean their house or at work environment? Well, literally nobody does. It’s quite disturbing and a reason for worry. But, you shouldn’t worry if you know what to do.

So, we recommend you to keep in check with the user manual. Most of the time, it’s the user who doesn’t follow the manual properly and cleans by himself. So, it’s a problem. When you don’t follow the rules and regulations to operate a vacuum cleaner, it tends to cause problems.

In the next sections, we’ll talk about preventive measures to stop vacuum cleaners from smoking. Overall, you’ll properly learn how to avoid major accidents when you operate with a vacuum cleaner.

How to Stop Your Vacuum Cleaner from Smoking

Vacuum belt can have tears and wears in it. So, check if you vacuum belt is in the proper condition. If not change or modify the vacuum cleaner and make it okay. So, your vacuum cleaner won’t smoke anymore.

Furthermore, check for the large or any sized objects in the brush roller of the vacuum cleaner.

If both of the brush roller and vacuum belt are okay, then re-attach them to the vacuum cleaner. You should then see no sorts of smoke coming out of the vacuum cleaner.

Preventative Measures

There’re a few preventive measures that you can take to prevent vacuum cleaners from smoking.

1.      Clean the inside and outside of your vacuum cleaner regularly. So that, there’re no dust or other wastes accumulating on them.

2.      Always check the brush roller and the vacuum belt once a week. That’s the least frequency you should check. It’s better if you check twice a week.

3.      Don’t keep them on after you’re done with vacuum cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we’ll say that there’re not that many reasons for a vacuum cleaner to produce smoke. As we analyze, the main two reasons are brush roller and the vacuum belt. If you can maintain the durability and cleanliness of the two items, then, it shouldn’t be a problem.

We recommend you to look out for an expert if you find problems with your vacuum cleaners. These are electrical components. So, a major accident may very well occur. Hence, don’t forget to check manual before using.

If not taken the matter of vacuum smoking carefully, it can lead to massive accidents. So, it’s better to spend time checking the condition of your vacuum, rather than regretting later on. A well taken measure will lead to the safer operation of a vacuum cleaner.

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