Why Is My Shark Vacuum Not Picking Up

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Reasons My Shark Vacuum Not Picking Up

Why Is My Shark Vacuum Not Picking Up? Do you have any idea about it? One of the commons among the large pool of those questions is ‘ Why is my shark vacuum not picking up?’ Being one of the lowest-cost tools, vacuum cleaners are the best cleaning partners of every household. The product is easy to use, saves time and effort,  and decreases the quantity of dirt from the house. 

Moreover, it also removes pet hairs from the carpets and allergen particles from the air. Thus, you can rest assured of a more hygienic environment around you.  Different brands are known for producing distinguished models of vacuum cleaners. For instance, Dyson vacuum cleaner and shark vacuum cleaner are two renowned terms.

However, modern versions come with modern problems as well. Hence customers often come up with questions related to those problems. So keep on reading to find an answer to this question. Let’s start. 

Reason Why My Shark Vacuum Not Picking Up

So if your vacuum cleaner is in a situation where it is producing enough of the suction amount but still is unable to pick up the trash on the floor, then there are 100% chances that the machine has something wrong with it. Here are some points that you must look upon in this situation

Check The Air Filters When My Shark Vacuum Not Picking Up

Clogged air filters can contribute a lot to the suction loss of your shark vacuum cleaner. It can happen because you may have neglected the air filters for too long without cleaning them. 

\And when you do this, you let dirt and debris build upon their surfaces. As a result, the accumulated residue starts to block the airway, causing the vacuum to choke up. 

Most shark vacuum cleaners tend to have washable filters. Nevertheless, check out the user manual guide to double-check the cause.  If the filters are washable, pass them under the water to wipe out the residue. 

But in case the filters are not made to be washed, follow the user manual to clean them in the best possible way. Once you clean and dry it, replace them in the machine and check if suction gets restored. 

Clogged Suction Hose When My Shark Vacuum Not Picking Up

The problem of clogged suction hoses occurs when your vacuum cleaner picks up a piece of debris larger than the capacity. When this happens, the debris lodges itself within the suction hose’s airway. 

When the airway gets blocked, it results in shark vacuum cleaners picking up nothing on the floor. Hence, you may have already guessed, and the fix is pretty straightforward. Clear up the obstruction to unleash the results

How To Clear Up The Clogged Suction Hose

Shark vacuum cleaners mostly possess removable hoses. Thus detach it from the machine and look for the exact spot of debris. 

Once found, hold a broomstick and try to push out the debris from the machine using the end of the broomstick. Nevertheless, do this carefully as you don’t want to damage the hose accidentally. 

Another simple way to dislodge a clog from the hose is using the vinegar and baking soda method. Put a teaspoon of baking soda into the hose and shake it a bit to perfectly coat the surface. Now pour in half a cup of vinegar and shake it for 2 to 3 minutes. Lastly, wash out the hose and unleash the magical results yourself.

Overfilled Dust Cap

Another common reason for the same cause is “Overfilled Dust Cap.” Once the dust/ trash holding capacity of your shark vacuum cleaner exceeds, its suction power decreases. Now depending upon your shark vacuum cleaner’s model, the loss of suction rate will vary. 

Nevertheless, we tested tons and tons of vacuum cleaners in our lab. and came up with the conclusion that the older vacuum cleaners, such as the shark navigator, are more likely to experience very steep drops.  

Thus, don’t forget to check the dust cap and empty it if it’s overfilled.  

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, shark vacuum cleaners are one of the best inventions of the decade. But the product may sometimes pick nothing; this can happen for many reasons, such as overfilled dust caps, clogged suction hoses, and blocked air filters. 

We have also listed the ways to get rid of these problems. Thus read and implement them carefully to restore the suction of your shark vacuum cleaner.

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