How to Clean a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner?

Are You Looking for How to Clean a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner?

Kirby vacuum cleaners have been keeping your homes and offices clean and dust-free for years. But sometimes, you may need to stop cleaning when your Kirby gets quite filthy and does not suck away all the dirt from floors or carpet. Moreover, if you are a new user, you may find it hard that how to clean a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, just like other appliances, your Kirby needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly for optimal performance.

Why Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners So Favored?

Kirby vacuum cleaners are among the most demanded vacuum cleaners despite being quite expensive compared to other brands on the market. They are designed to offer the strongest suction technology that removes stubborn dirt and debris from your rugs, sofas, or hard floors.

Their amazing HEPA filter technology pulls out dust particles, pet hair, pollen, and other debris completely, leaving your carpets and floors to shine.

Moreover, their vacuums are versatile and meet all your cleaning needs—especially their upright vacuums, which can convert to a shampoo system.

Let’s discuss how to clean a Kirby vacuum cleaner properly;

How to Clean a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner?

Here is a step by step guide for you to clean your Kirby vacuum and use it efficiently;

Step # 1- Unlock The Head:

The first step is to unlock the head or upper part of the vacuum from its base by turning the belt lock dial. Now turn the head of the vacuum and check the roller brush.

Step # 2- Clean The Roller Brush:

While checking the roller brush, you may find hair or carpet strings attached to it. To clean the roller brush, unlock the bottom plate and detach the rubber bumper from the upper body of the vacuum. The roller brush will now come out easily.

With the help of a sharp knife or blade, cut the carpet strings and hair from the roller. While doing so, do check out the barring as well and make sure no hair or strings are entangled.

Step # 3- Clear The Head:

Once you are done cleaning brushes, the next step is to clean the head of the Kirby vacuum cleaner properly. Carefully whip out all the dirt and dust from it. If the debris is buildup and hard to remove, clear it out with a screwdriver.

Another way is to wash it out in the sink directly.

Step # 4- Empty The Dust Bag:

The next important step is to empty the dust bag entirely. For this, take out the dust bag from the base of the vacuum and pull off the disposable bag from it. With regular use of vacuum, dust bags get clogged, which overall lessen the suction power.

Therefore, empty the bag and let the debris fall out.

Step # 5- Wash The Brushes and Dust Bag:

After getting rid of the dirt from the inside, take the brushes and debris bag and wash them with liquid soap. Once done, let them dry.

Step # 6- Reassemble:

Now put everything back together to its original place. Attach the roller brush back in the head of the vacuum, put the dust bag back in, and place the head on the bottom.

Step # 7- Wipe The Exterior 

The last step is to clean the exterior of your Kirby vacuum. Since cleaning the exposed parts are as important as the inner parts. Take a soft cloth and carefully wipe out all the dust from the exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Long Do Kirby Vacuums Last?

Kirby vacuum cleaners have a pretty good life span. These vacuums last for around 25 years, but with proper care and on-time maintenance.

Q. How to Know When Kirby Vacuum’s Bag Is Full?

In order to verify whether your Kirby’s bag is full or not, check out the fill line on the disposable bag. When you see the dirt has reached the fill line, then it’s time to replace it with a new disposable bag.

Q. What Amount of Shampoo Is Required to Clean the Carpets?

For this, always use the genuine Kirby shampoo used for carpets. To clean, unscrew the big cap from the shampoo tank and use it to measure the required amount of shampoo. Never use the bottle cap of shampoo to measure the amount.

Q. Why My Kirby Vacuum Does Not Pick Up Any Dust?

There could be multiple reasons for this issue. First, the vacuum is not set at a proper height. The brush cannot reach the floors or carpets if the nozzle is set high. Simply press the toe touch paddle to adjust the height.

Secondly, Kirby vacuum may not remove dust if the brush roller is not moving. Make sure the brush roller indicator light is on; if not, it may be because the brush roll is unable to move freely or the belt is broken.

Moreover, this issue may occur if the bag is full. Check the bag and replace it accordingly.

Q. What Is the N/D Paddle On My Kirby Used for?

N/D means Neutral/Drive pedal. While cleaning using shampoo, push the Drive pedal. It will activate the Tech Drive power assist in order to make vacuuming easy.

Use the Neutral pedal for balancing the product usage, which includes while cleaning hard floors, vacuuming in canister, or handheld mood.

Q. Can I Use My Kirby to Suck Up The Water?

It is not recommended to get off the water from floors of carpet with your Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Bottom Line

Kirby vacuum is quite a powerful cleaner that pull away all the dirt with or without shampoo. They are easy to use and pretty adjustable to your needs.

Additionally, to make your Kirby vacuum work efficiently, regular maintenance is very important. Follow the instructions mentioned earlier to clean your machine. Protection Status
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