Do Spiders Die When You Vacuum Them?

Do Spiders Die When You Vacuum Them

Do Spiders Die When You Vacuum Them?

It is in your knowledge that vacuuming the spider with your cleaner will not kill it. Whatever the brand of your cleaner is, it will still survive.

Then what is the solution? One should or should not suck them up through a cleaner?

You should still suck them up through the cleaner because it is the first step to take and what next you have to do is given in this article so read it to the full length. Here are some tips for you on how to treat your spiders.

Sucking Up Spiders

Spiders are little, annoying and horrible creatures and no one wants to use hands to pick them up when seen somewhere in house, so here in vacuuming them is a good option.

And also smashing and crushing them on the wall is not a thing to be done because it will leave a stain there, giving you another thing to deal with.

So might be thinking of what cleaner should be used? The answer is Dyson V6 Motorhead Cord-free Vacuum. This cleaner is good in case of bugs because of its long reach and high powered suction and it is battery powered-can be used with convenience-.

If the spider is on the ground then use the rotating brushes of your cleaner to suck it up, these brushes will kill the spider in no time, but this trick is only applicable when the spider is on the floor not on the wall. If you try to lift your cleaner against the wall to suck up the spider then your wall and cleaner both will face harm. You are never recommended to commit this action.

And if you have used your hose to suck the spider up then it will not die at once and in this scenario leave the cleaner on for some time and then turn it off and obstruct the hose opening with the tissue paper so that the little creature will not climb back, although there is a little chance of it but there still is a chance.

What To Do With The Spider?

After the first step next step should be getting rid of this tiny creature, you can wait for some days or a week to let it die in your canister, the spider can eat the critters if present in the canister to live, so you should make sure that the canister is empty to make the spider live less. If you do not want to kill it then release it in a place safe for them and away from you like woods.

Vacuum cleaners are widely used by the researchers to collect the specimen of the spiders because it is very harmless to them.


The Real Issue

If your house is in some place having the problem of spiders and you want them to stay away from your house and you then there is a recommendation of having spider repel sprays like this one here. If you do not enjoy sucking them up with the vacuum cleaner.

Or you can call the fumigation company to spray your house with proper chemicals which will keep not only spiders but also other bugs out of your house. Just get a good spray of call from the local exterminator, because it is useless to vacuum the spiders all the time.


First warning is about the type of the spider if you have no idea about spiders then stay away from them because they can be seriously toxic and can lead to death for example Black Widows, Red Recluse Spiders and many more are poisonous.

Never use a vacuum cleaner if you already have used the spray to kill spiders and bugs. Because most of these chemicals are flammable and can harm you and your cleaner in a serious manner.

Use your common sense while dealing with the spiders, chemicals and vacuums, and never suck up anything with your cleaner for which the cleaner is not made. It can reduce the life of the cleaner too and waste the warranty of it. If you are naïve about these things then seek professional help and guidance.

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