When Vacuuming Pool On Waste

Vacuuming Pool On Waste 

When vacuuming Pool On Waste becomes an important question. Swimming pools are present almost in every house today. Each swimming pool needs a manual vacuum cleaner. When you use an automatic vacuum pool cleaner, you also need a manual vacuum. There are some reasons why automatic vacuum cleaners do not meet these requirements.

You find your swimming pool very dirty, especially when you open it in spring. Then the only way to clean the pool is to vacuum it to waste. In this article, you will know how to vacuum the pool on waste. 

When Should You Vacuum Your Pool

The only reason to vacuum pool on waste is the presence of algae blooms on the bottom of the floor of the swimming pool. This is the best way to, remove the dead algae after shocking treatment.

Vacuuming the pool to remove all the debris and algae from the core of the swimming pool removes all the debris and algae from the core of the swimming pool. It sends all the material from the pool through the waste to the sewage system or any other place. It does not go through your filter system.

Vacuuming the pool to the waste is possible only when a multiport valve controls the pool filter system. It prevents the pool filter system from becoming clogged with particles and returning particles to the swimming pool. 

What Is The Best Way To Vacuum A Pool On Waste

These are step-by-step guides to vacuum pool on waste

Step 1: Fill the pool with water using a garden hose

Vacuuming on waste does not return the water, instead, it drains water from the swimming pool. It expels water at high speed. So, it is the best idea to run a garden hose in the swimming pool for some time. It is important to raise the level of water before vacuuming the pool. So keep the water level at the skimmer. 

Step 2: Use A Backwash Hose

If your pool system does not drain the water, it may expel it into the yard or elsewhere via a waste line. In this case, you can purchase roll-up backwash hoses. Backwash hoses distribute the water in the garden. Backwash hoses will cost you less. 

Step 3: Hook Up The Pool Vacuum

Connect the pool vacuum to the vacuum head. After connecting the vacuum, leave it in the pool. Purge the air from the vacuum hose. Then connect its other end to the skimmer port.  

Step 4: Configure the Multiport Valve to Waste

Shut the pool vacuum pump off. Set the multi-port valve to the waste position. Open the valve that shuts off water to the waste line. If you have a bottom drain, then close it. Place the skimmer vacuum on the top of the skimmer basket. And turn the vacuum pump on. 

Step 5: Start Vacuuming Pool On Waste

When you start vacuuming the pool, the water level will start to decrease. When vacuuming up waste, you should fill the pool with water as soon as possible. Usually, it is not recommended to vacuum the bottom of the pool. If you start cleaning the swimming pool to the bottom, it will drop the level of water below the skimmer mark. And air gets started in the system.

Then turn the vacuum pump off, remove the air from the vacuum hose. Now start the vacuuming again. The level of moisture drops almost to 2 inches in less than 4 minutes. At this time, you can see the clean area of the swimming pool. Repeat the steps if needed.  

Step 6: Completed Pool Vacuuming On Waste

After vacuuming, push the vacuum pump off the table. Disconnect the skimmer vacuum from the vacuum hose. Now clean the skimmer basket from all the debris. Take out all the equipment and store them. Check the level of water in the pool. It must be at the skimmer. 

What Happens When You Vacuum In Waste

When you vacuum the swimming pool on waste, the water does not either go or return through the pool filter. If the vacuuming water passes through the poll filter, it will be clogged. It passes through the backwash hose or drain system to the yard or sewage system. Do not let the water level go down when you vacuum your pool


You need to vacuum manually your swimming pool from time to time. When you have algae blooms in your pool, you need to clean it. And algae blooms require vacuuming up waste. For the proper cleaning of the pool from algae, use algaecides to shock the algae blooms. It will successfully remove the algae from the pool. 

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