What Is Dyson Vacuum Warranty

Dyson Vacuum Warranty

Whenever we purchase an appliance, we ultimately expect it to work at its best. Not only for a certain period but through a significant time as we invest in it. Dyson vacuum cleaners are not a new name in the market. Instead, it has been flourishing for years.

As Dyson vacuum cleaners have been providing the best services for years, people expect the same. This is not only applicable for a single vacuum cleaner but applies to all the appliances of Dyson.

However, amongst all their appliances, vacuum cleaners are the winners. This is because Dyson has every time come up with the best vacuum cleaner types. They believe in innovation and technology as well.

Dyson has successfully provided various kinds of vacuum cleaners. They have been classified based on their cleaning services, their durability, and also their format.

Consumers expect nothing but the only trustable relationship with the brand. However, brands themselves make sure that they establish a transparent relationship with zero doubts and efficient communication.

Reliability: What is the Dyson Vacuum Warranty

A consumer is attracted to a brand based on a few reasons. Amongst all these reasons, trust and reliability are major ones. They hope that they do not entangle themselves in any fraud. This is because they are readily investing a significant sum of money.

The reliability is usually restored by providing a warranty. Similar is the scenario with Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Dyson does not provide a centralized warranty for its consumers. Instead, it has a different warranty period for each type of vacuum. It offers two years warranty for cordless vacuums, fans, and heaters, cleaners, humidifiers.

In addition to this, grooming appliances such as hair dryers, hair stylers, and hair straighteners are also provided with two years of warranty.

Apart from 2 years warranty period, Dyson provides five years warranty period for corded vacuums, hand dryers, and lights.

What Is Covered Under Dyson Vacuum Warranty

Indeed, the warranty period ensures a brand’s reliability, but various things are covered under warranty. The warranty does not apply to everything.

  • Breakage Of the Dyson Vacuum Warranty

The Dyson machines are efficiently designed to provide its customers with the best services. The engineers have worked thoroughly on the look and also on the design of the device. If the machine breaks during the warranty period, Dyson will repair it or even replace it if required.

  • Parts of The Dyson Vacuum Warranty

All parts, including batteries and handles, are included in the warranty period. Any distortion such as short circuits or breakage can be rectified or replaced during the warranty period.

  • Repair

Dyson will repair any issues with your vacuum cleaner during this warranty period. Moreover, if any of the parts are needed to be replaced, it will indeed be done.

  • Replace With Dyson

Any of the faults will only be replaced by Dyson. Dyson does not use any other brand’s parts as a substitute.

Warranty Terms And Conditions

Every brand utilizes certain conditions for its warranty. This is done to prevent exploitation and to regulate customers follow it. This also prevents the company from going into loss and reduces the number of claims.

  • Proof Of Purchase

The warranty is applicable from the date of purchase. Hence, the customers are advised to keep the proof of purchase with them. In cases where the proof of purchase is lost, the warranty will begin after 90 days from the date of purchase. This will be done according to the records of the company.

  • Dyson Authorized

Documentation during purchase will be done only by Dyson authorized individuals. Documentation done by individuals apart from these will not be considered.

  • Dyson’s Property and Warranty Period

Parts replaced with the original one will indeed be consolidated by Dyson. Moreover, during replacement, there will be no extension in the warranty period. However, the warranty will be extended when Dyson detains your machine.

  • Valid Warranty

The valid warranty is on the box in which the vacuum cleaner is sold and is applicable only for the respective box.

What Is Not Covered Under Dyson Vacuum Warranty

Dyson provides much relief to its customers concerning the warranty of the vacuum cleaners. However, there are certain circumstances where the Dyson warranty is not covered.

Dyson warranty is not covered under the following circumstances.

You cannot claim a warranty if you have purchased your vacuum from any unauthorized seller, as this might lead to lacked authentication. Dyson does not accept warranty claims in case of normal wear and tear situations or those parts subjected to wear and tear. These parts include belts, batteries, brush bars, etc.

Dyson provides a complete user manual to its customers. If the vacuum cleaner is not used according to the Dyson manual, a warranty does not apply. Moreover, if the vacuum is not maintained correctly, you cannot claim a warranty.

Warranty is not covered for blockages in vacuum parts. Security is also not covered for damage from external sources such as power surges and transits.

Dyson does not cover warranty for faults in the vacuum cleaner, which are caused by carelessness. Moreover, faulty installation and assembly, together with using uncoordinated parts which are not Dyson’s, do not fall under a warranty claim.

Issues Other Than Replacement

Dyson has always offered its customers the best. It also aids its customers in dealing with vacuum cleaner issues such as troubleshooting. If you want to replace any part of your faulty vacuum, you can get it replaced with a new one just by contacting Dyson.

In addition to this, the online troubleshooting tool also helps cater and rectify the problem with your vacuum cleaners.


Conclusively, Dyson vacuum cleaners are equipped with more efficient parts. They provide high-performance services to the user within easy-to-handle applications. The Dyson vacuums warranty period gives the users the ability to get the problem solved or rectified within no time.

However, maintaining your vacuum cleaner is mandatory above all. This will not invite any issue in your vacuum cleaners, such as blockages or problems due to external outrages.

To maintain the longevity of your vacuum, you should maintain your vacuum. Moreover, always keep the documentation safe to avoid any issues during replacement or repair.

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