How To Vacuum To Waste With Cartridge Filter

Vacuuming To Waste With Cartridge Filter

The concern of how to vacuum to waste with a cartridge filter arises frequently and results in many confusing answers. The pump pushes the water directly into the filter valve, bypassing the filter sand, grids, or cartridges. The way you vacuum a pool to waste will depend on what kind of filter valve you have; a multiport valve, push-pull valve, or you may not have one at all.

Steps To Vacuum To Waste With Cartridge Filter

When using a cartridge filter in your swimming pool, the debris that you scoop out of the pool pumps directly out, and the water pumps out through the backwash line, not the pool filter. This method removes a lot of water from the pool in a short period, so make sure the pool is full before you proceed. You need to vacuum the pool to waste with a cartridge filter as follows: 

Step 1. Turn off the pump. Find the drain plug on the back of your filter and unscrew it.

Step 2. Start your pool pump and let the water run until it reaches the level that you want to vacuum out the water.

Step 3. Turn off the pump and screw the plug into the drain plug. 

Step 4. Once the vacuuming finishes, remove it from the pool and detach the hoses.

Why And When To Vacuum To Waste With Cartridge Filter

You should vacuum to waste if there is a lot of debris in the pool, especially silt, which clogs up the filter quickly, so you need to stop vacuuming and backwash or clean. The vacuum water never reaches the filter tank but is sprayed out of the waste port into the backwash hose or pipe.

What Is A Pool Vacuum Valve 

A vacuum valve is an essential part of a swimming pool that controls the flow direction. Swimming pool vacuum valves can be controlled manually, electronically, or electromagnetically. There are various valve switches for controlling the flow and switching pressure, depending on the process.

What Is A Pool Waste Line

Every pool owner can utilize the pool waste line for easy and effective pool vacuuming. There is no doubt that one of the valve modes on a multiport pool filter will have a 1-1/2″ waste line built-in. The problem with cartridge filters is that they often lack this notable feature, which means you’ll spend much time vacuuming your pool.

Steps To Vacuum To Waste With Cartridge Filter

Vacuuming to waste is an essential part of pool maintenance. It is important to remove debris from the pool dirt before the filter can clog up. Forcing the owner to clean the filter sooner rather than later. Vacuuming a pool involves pulling the water out of the waste port and pumping it out in the pipe or backwash hose instead of to the filter basin. Simply follow the below steps to vacuum your pool to waste: 

Step 1. Fill your pool with water before you begin and run the pipe while vacuuming.

Step 2. Adjust the multiport faucet by turning off the pump and aligning the multiport faucet with the drain.

Step 3. Clean as quickly and efficiently as possible to reduce water levels.

Step 4. When you notice that the skimmer is sucking air, let it rest for a while so that water can re-enter your pool.

Step 5. Move the backwash hose frequently to prevent oversaturation.

Step 6. Vacuum the pool until you remove all or most of the debris from the water. If the pool doesn’t appear clear after this, repeat the process.

Filter To Waste – What Is It

Filter to waste merely refers to the volume of filtration created. Following the discharge of a filter or the construction, rebuilding, or upkeep of a filter. A filter to waste arrangement allows the water separated in the filtration cycle to be disposed of or made usable again after it washes back.

How To Use The Function Of Multiport Valve

When using multiport valves, set the handle to “Waste” or “Drain” according to the valve type. If you have a backwash hose, set it up and begin vacuuming as fast as you can. Keep in mind that the water level is dropping.

What To Do If There Is No Valve

Cartridge filters lack a backwash valve. Since you don’t backwash them, you would need to remove them and wash them with your garden hose. There is a way to vacuum waste with a cartridge filter.

Step 1. Take off the filter lid, remove the cartridge, and replace it securely, fully tightening the clamp. 

Step 2. Disconnect the drain plug and install a 1.5″ hose adapter and backwash hose with a clamp. 

Step 3. Make sure you place the backwash hose near a storm drain or a place that won’t erode. Just don’t flood the neighbors!


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