How Long Does Beef Jerky Last Vacuum Sealed?

Learn about How Long Does Beef Jerky Last Vacuum Sealed?

Wondering about how long does beef jerky the last vacuum sealed? Well, beef jerky is a protein-rich snack that you can store for a reasonable amount of time if you use the proper preservatives and seal bags or containers. 

Below is the complete guide on keeping a beef jerky and comprehensive information on its storage life and how to tell when it has expired or gone wrong. So, without wasting any more time, let’s discuss some beef jerky storage facts and methods.

How Long Does Beef Jerky Last Vacuum Sealed?

The storage life of beef jerky majorly depends upon the factor of whether it is homemade or store-bought. Both of these beef jerkies might have a different lifespan.

A commercial beef jerky tends to be consumed within a year. But if you want the maximum and premium flavors, textures, and nutrients, drinking the snack within six months is recommended. 

The lifespan of homemade beef jerky depends upon the factor of how you store it. If you keep your homemade beef jerky in the refrigerator, it will last for up to one to two weeks. And if you have stored the beef jerky in a zip lock bag, it will only last a week.

However, the longest you can keep your homemade beef jerky is an airtight container. If you store your homemade beef jerky in an airtight container, it will last up to one or two months. 

How to tell if the beef jerky has gone bad?

Unlike any other meat, beef jerky doesn’t show very prominent signs of spoilage or expiry. Therefore, you might be confused about whether your beef jerky is still good or not. Usually, if your beef jerky has gone wrong, you will see that it has changed its color to darker tones and might even have become more complicated than usual.

Moreover, a lousy beef jerky might also start producing a mild odor that will help you determine if your beef jerky has gone bad or is still good to eat.

In the case of commercial beef jerky, you must check the expiry date before buying the package. Also, if you have eaten a beef jerky that was past its expiry date, it doesn’t mean that it might be expired or will harm you. The expiry date is usually the measure of the freshness of the product, and it might still be good to eat even after the expiry date but is not preferable.

Moreover, it would help to look for leakage in your beef jerky package before buying it. If there is any leakage, it is evident that the beef jerky might not be as good because the moisture has entered the box. 

How to store the beef jerky?

There are various ways to store the beef jerky to make it last as long as possible. Below are some popular and efficient ways of keeping the beef jerky.

1- Storing in a vacuum seal bag

The best way to store your beef jerky that also might last the longest is to keep it in a vacuum seal bag. Vacuum seal bags don’t let the moisture in or out of the bag that retains the freshness of the beef jerky and makes it last longer than usual. If you want your beef jerky to last even longer, it is recommended that you should keep the vacuum seal bag containing the beef jerky inside the refrigerator.

This will help your beef jerky last up to a whole excellent year or even more. Even though a vacuum seal bag is the most effective option to store the beef jerky for a longer time, it can be a little too expensive. A vacuum seal bag can cost from $100 to $200, but if you have beef jerky and some other food items to store, it might prove a worthy investment. 

2- Storing in mason jars/dry cans

Storing the beef jerky in mason jars or dry cans is a very efficient method and affordable than the vacuum seal bag. By dry canning your beef jerky, you can make it last for up to several months. To store the beef jerky in a mason jar or a dry can, you must follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • The first step involves setting the oven to 350 F.
  • Take the lids off the mason jar and then place and set them onto a cookie sheet.
  • Place the jars into the oven for approximately ten minutes.
  • Carefully remove the jar from the oven and then immediately place the jerky beef strips into them. 
  • Screw the lids of the jars tightly and allow the jars to cool down to room temperature. With the cooling, the mason jars will start producing a seal. To know that the seals are being made, try to hear the popping sounds coming from the pot.

After seals are created onto your jars, you can store them on the pantry shelf or even in the refrigerator. 

3- Storing in the zip lock or paper bag

With a zip lock or paper bag, you can make your beef jerky last for around three to four weeks. Therefore, if you are planning on consuming your beef jerky at this time, you should consider storing it in a zip lock or a paper bag. If you think that your beef jerky is a bit too moist, you can add a food-grade desiccant bag to your zip lock or paper bag.


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