How Long Will Vacuum Sealed Rice Last

Estimate How Long Will Vacuum Sealed Rice Last

Knowing how long will vacuum sealed rice last will let you have the advantage over working with rice. So, you’re a rice producer or have the need to store rice for some reason. But, then, it’s necessary to understand the facts of storing rice. You need to know the best possible way to store. One of them is vacuum sealing.

So, in this article, we’re going to talk about storing rice by simply vacuum sealing them. As we move through the article, we’ll try and answer how long the rice will be fresh if you vacuum seal them. It’s the key. We can of course vacuum seal rice. But, it won’t matter if they don’t last for a while.

So, along with some tips and tricks and many more details, you’ll be able to find every details on vacuum sealing rice in the most easiest way. But, we recommend you to go through the whole article. Don’t miss any portion and simply keep reading until the end.

Vacuum Sealed Rice

Why Store Vacuum Sealed Rice Anyway?

Rice has been the most common food throughout the world for almost everyone. Moreover, it’s a staple food in many countries. Due to the low cholesterol level, it’s preferred by many. So, you can understand that the demand is so high for rice.

Thus, to meet the demands, storing rice is necessary for every rice producer. However, there’re individuals who need to store for their family as well.

How To Store Rice Long Term?

Heat, moisture, or other materials can prove as a threat to rice freshness. Regular flow of oxygen in a rice storage will lead to the decaying of rice. So, it’s necessary to know how to store rice for long term.

So, what’s the best way to do so? Vacuum sealing is the best option. It might be hard to do or it can also be technical. But, the good news is that now, there’re many vacuum sealer machines in the market that does the work for you. But, for the greater good, it’s good to know about the working procedure of vacuum sealers.

How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Rice Last?

You know that you can store rice in the pantry, right? If so, know that it has a life time of six or some additional months. However, if you vacuum seal rice, the life time is extended up to a couple of times.

Overall, you can very well expect that rice will last for 1-2 years, even a bit more if you can vacuum seal them. Moreover, you can expect that there’ll be no deterioration concerns. It’s because vacuum sealers don’t allow air flow inside the bag.

The Best Way to Store Rice for a Long Time

You know what? Long term storage requires the perfect conditions. For example, to store rice, you need to ensure that there’s no heat, moisure, and most importantly, oxygen around it.

So, if you consider storing rice for a long time, you better vacuum seal them. In that way, there’ll be no oxygen in the bag. It’ll lead to no contamination with bacteria and germs.

Vacuum sealer does the trick for you easily. However, you can buy vacuum sealing bags and do the work yourself. We recommed you to vacuum seal by the sealing machines. But, do know about how vacuum selaer machines work.

Reasons Oxygen is Bad for Rice Storage

We, humans need oxygen for every second of our life. But, is it good for rice storage? No. Because the oxidation process will decay the rice.

Moreover, bacteria accumulation is also a factor. If there’s no air, there’s no bacteria. That’s why, oxygen is mainly bad for rice.

In addition, you’ll see that, due to oxidation process, there’ll be change in rice color. At times, there’ll be foul smell coming from them. If this happens, consider those rice as wasted. Overall, oxygen is bad for rice storage.

Different Vacuum Sealing Techniques

We’ll share some vacuum sealing techniques in this section. There’re few vacuum sealer machines by which you can easily seal rice. They’re specifically made for vacuum sealing rice.

At first, open the vacuum sealer bags. Then, you can start pouring in rice and pour upto highest possible level. After you’re done, seal the bag immediately, allowing no air flow inside.

The last part is to label the sealer bags with the sealing date. In that way, you can know how long the rice has been on the storage. So, you see? It’s pretty simple. Another way is to use vacuum sealer machines.

Final Thoughts

We’ve finally come at the end. But, for some additional information, know that there’re specialized bags for rice sealing. Those types of bags are mainly produced form a component called mylar. It’s mainly metalized polyster. Sounds technical? Well, just go to your local shop and ask for mylar sealing bags. It’s simple.

By utilizing mylar bags, you’re able to significantly extend the lifespan of your rice on the shelf. Alternatively, you can opt for vacuum sealers for this purpose. As many of you are aware, vacuum sealers are not only easy to operate but also highly efficient. To achieve the best results, however, storing at a temperature between 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended. This practice will guarantee the freshness of your rice.

There’s no alternative of learning. If you’ve learened from our article, we encourage you to apply the techniques to store rice for yourself and others. However, if you’ve got more information, please feel to share with us in the comments. We’ll be happy to communicate back. Protection Status
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