How Long Can Vacuum Sealed Meat Last in the Freezer

Learn How Long Can Vacuum Sealed Meat Last in the Freezer

It’s quite necessary to know how long can vacuum sealed meat last in the freezer. With different scenario, the answers might be different, but, it’ll be close difference. So, we’ll be considering different scenarios in order to answer on the shelf time of meat.

However, in the next section, we’ll mainly talk about if or not is it good to have vacuum sealed meat that has been frozen for two years. Then, we’ll talk about two different scenarios of the shelf time of vacuum sealed meat. Finally, we’ll let you know how to identify bad vacuum sealed meats.

Vacuumed-Sealed Meat Frozen for Two Years

Well, it’s a critical question. If you keep meat frozen for two years, there might well be bacteria growth on them. But, the good news is that if you can keep the meet frozen at a temperature of below zero degrees Fahrenheit, it’s okay. But, the temperature needs to be below zero all the time.

Chances are that a higher temperature above 1 will result in bacteria growth after two weeks or so.

Scenarios- Vacuum Sealed Meat Shelf Time

At Room Temperature or in Pantry

You can seal meat and store in a pantry. Well, you might have already done that before. Open meats at room temperature will hardly last a whole day. But, what about you seal them and put in the pantry at room temperature? Well, then, it can last for maximum two days. No matter how well you seal, freezing is mandatory for meat and other foods.


Well, refrigeration is a process through which you can store meat up to two weeks. However, the average time is best if you consider in between 9-10 days. It has been found that after the 10th day, there can be bacteria accumulation at times.

The time range for the shelf time of meat is both applicable for raw and cooked meats. If the timespan expire, you can see the meat to start decay and providing bad smell. So, keeping 10 days is the best option.

Signs of Bad Vacuum Sealed Meat

Now you know about the shelf time of vacuum sealed meat in the refrigerator. But, now let’s know about the ultimate indications of bad or worn out vacuum sealed meat.


Bad meats will have bad or foul smell coming from it. It can very well be considered as the first most important indication of a bad meat. The odor will most likely be very strong and uncomfortable. You’ll feel like the meat has got rotten. So, it’s better not to use that meat again.

Honestly, when you’ll understand the smell is coming from the meat, you’ll most probably throw it out by yourself. So, smell of a food item can say a lot of things about it.


We know that each food has its own color. We can even identify different types of food by its color. But, discoloration is a notable sign for bad meat pieces. However, apart from discoloration, you can see white or strong black spots on the meat. Then, know that it’s a bad meat.

A process to confirm the discoloration is the rinsing of the meat. After rinsing the meat, if you see there’s red color over the surface of the meat, understand that it’s still ok. However, if you find that the color has changed to brown or got multiple white or black spots, it has been wasted.


Checking texture is another way to tell if the meat is in good condition or not. Typically, the fresh, edible meat will be tender, reddish, juicy, and have good elasticity. If there is no elasticity after you press the meat, be mindful of the potential risk laying under the food! To add-in, the bad meat texture is sticky and slimy.

If your meat shows these signs, please discard the meat as soon as possible since it is totally inedible now.

Vacuum Sealed Meat Taste

All that being said about vacuum sealed meats, how does it taste really? Well, it tastes the same or even better. You might already know that vacuum sealing ensures that the food retains it’s original value and taste.

It’s the air that you take from the meat, and that is for the purpose of preventing organisms (micro) and bacteria to grow on the meat. So, the taste doesn’t change or get bad.

You can vacuum seal cooked or even raw meat. But, the taste of the cooked meat won’t change. If you reheat after opening the seal and eat, you’ll find that the taste is the same as before.

Keep Expiry Date Track of Vacuum Sealed Meat

It’s important that you keep the track of expiry date of the vacuum sealed meats. Each pack should have the date of packing as well as refrigeration.

That way, you’ll get to know if the date has passed over 10 days or two weeks. Remember what we told earlier? It’s the best when you seal and use the meat in between 6-10 days or two weeks at most? Well, that’s why keeping track of the date is important.

Final Thoughts

So, now we all know how long to keep vacuum sealed meat in the freezer. It’s up to you whether you’ll use the meat to store longer than two weeks. If you keep sealed meat in the freezer for more than two weeks, there’s every chance of bacteria accumulation on the meat.

Finally, our recommendation is to unseal and cook the meat with 10 days. It’s even more better if you use the meat on the 9th day after vacuum sealing. Protection Status
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