How to Get Sand Out of Pool without Vacuum

The swimming pool is one of the best places to be on the hot days of summer. However, you will not get an impressive experience when the water of the pool is not clean. Sometimes your pool can get affected by the dust and make the water dirty. The sand can come into the pool for a lot of reasons. Below, we will discuss how to get sand out of the pool without a vacuum

When it comes to cleaning the sand from your pool, nothing works better than a vacuum. However, not all of us have a vacuum cleaner that is compatible with the pool. Keep going through the article to find out how to get rid of the sands from your pool without using a vacuum cleaner.

How the Sands Accumulate in the Pool?

Due to natural environmental disasters, dust, dirt, and debris fall into your swimming pool and later these accumulate in the place. Another reason is the water coming from corrupt sources is also responsible for the accumulation of dirt in the swimming pool. Sometimes swimmers are responsible for the accumulation of sand in the swimming pool. When they go down to the pool with their soil or dirt feet, this dirt starts to accumulate under the pool.

Different Ways to Get Sand Out of Pool without Vacuum

No matter where your pool is inside or outside, it needs to be cleaned all the time. Proper cleaning tools need to be used to keep the surface clean. When you clean the pool with a vacuum cleaner, it guarantees you a 100% clean. However, if you don’t have a vacuum, you can clean the bottom of your pool using some other methods. They work without a vacuum.

The type of equipment you want to use to clean the bottom of your pool depends on the amount of dirt or the type of dirt. Below, we will discuss which method can work best to clean which type of dirt and how to use the method for best results. Keep in mind that you may need to use a combination of methods to get an effective result for your pool.

You may need some tools to clean the pool. So, before you start cleaning work make sure you have all these things close to your hand. Keep reading the article to know the ways to clean your pool without a vacuum.

Pool Filter System

The most effective way to clean dirt and debris from your pool water is a pump filter system that the pools usually use. Note that the sand filter or cartridge type filter works best for this. These filters can clean both large and small sand particles very well, including invisible sand particles. You can use a brush to loosen dirt from the walls around the pool so that your pool is properly cleaned.

Using the Shock Method

The shock method does a great job of removing algae and debris from your swimming pool. The following items will be required to apply this method to your pool:

  • Glasses
  • A bucket
  • Gloves
  • calcium hypochlorite

Follow the steps below:

  • First, take water in a bucket. Add one pound of calcium hypochlorite to one bucket of water. Mix water and calcium hypochlorite well.
  • Then add the mixture to the area of ​​your pool that has been most damaged by algae or bacteria.
  • Give the pool a full half-day (12 hours) to properly mix the water and calcium hypochlorite mixture with the pool water. After 12 hours later the pool water will become cloudy.
  • Add a pool clarifier to remove cloudiness from pool water. Adding this will slowly remove the cloudiness from your pool water.
  • This process changes the pH level of your pool water. Which makes pool water algae, and bacterial microorganisms unsuitable for survival.

Clean Oily Dirt with a Tennis Ball

It is very easy to clean the oily floating dirt of the pool with a tennis ball. When you use body oils, lotions, and other skincare before you swim in the pool, this oily skincare is released from your body and floats in the pool water.

To clean oily floating dirt, throw the balls into the pool and let them float freely around them or turn the balls lightly. You will notice that over time the balls will start to get oily dirt. Now you can remove the balls from the pool, clean them balls and dry them for reuse.

Clean The Pool Walls and Floor Dirt Using a Brush.

If your pool has a soft vinyl liner, you will use a rubber or nylon brush to clean it. Which brush you use depends on the type of surface in your pool? When your pool has a concrete floor and walls, use a stiff and thick brush.

Once the dirt is removed from the pool with a brush, one of the above methods should be used to clean the pool water. If you have a filter pump and then cleaning the pool water will be easier for you.

Use Leaf Rack to Remove Large Non-Dissolved Debris

Give a careful look at the pool, whether there is any large debris under the pool or floating around the pool. If there is, remove large debris using a leaf rack. Using this leaf rack, you can only clean large debris.

Using Hand

Occasionally, use your hands to remove debris from the floor. Unlike a dustpan, your hands will be able to clean dirt better. Floating dirt such as leaves and petals can be easily cleaned with your hands. For best results in pool cleaning, you will also need to apply the above methods


The dust above and bottom of the pool is something that might not make you worried at first. But when you leave them for a while, they start degrading the water quality while also making the water darker. So, it is important to remove all this dust from the pool. Keep going through the article to find out how to do this. Protection Status
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