How to Use Vacuum Pump for Ac

Learn How to Use Vacuum Pump for Ac

So, you’re on pursuit to learn how to use vacuum pump for Ac, right? Well, our article will give the detailed steps to pull vacuum for an AC. In today’s world, the wide spread use of AC requires the ultimate maintenance process. Vacuuming an AC for maintenance is the best option you can consider.

Today, you get to know about using vacuum pump for ac gradually. During the first few sections, we’ll mention the procedure in few simple steps just for you to gain the idea. Then, you’ll know how to use pump for AC and AC system. During the end sections, you’ll know more on basics, like starting a vacuum pump and the main steps of vacuuming.

Working Process of Vacuum Pump in Simple Steps

So, follow the below steps to do it simply. However, you’ll know more gradually in the next few sections.

  1. Starting your pump is the key here. Connections should be tight beforehand. Don’t let loose connections stay before you start the pump.
  2. Work on gauge side valves. Connect the valves accordingly. Upon the start of vacuuming, it’s mandatory to open the gauge side valves.
  3. Finally, it’s the turn to do the vacuuming the on the ac system.

Using Vacuum Pump for an Air Conditioner

So, how to use the vacuum pump for an Air Conditioner? Let’s learn in short.

  1. It’s the first task to turn the ac system off. Remember to turn the engine off as well.
  2. Ensure the connections of the gauge set. Proper refrigerants should be put in the system.
  3. Screwing the pump and connecting to the gauge set properly is the next task.
  4. Now, just close the valve.

Using a Vacuum Pump for Ed Device

So, let’s learn to use a vacuum pump for Ed device.

  1. At first, you should place the pump. You can pump either by hand or the best to do is to run on batteries.
  2. Take or pump out the air from the cylinder. Do this once the vacuum was generated.
  3. Next, you should start vacuuming accordingly. Run for 15 minutes.
  4. Finally remove the pump and loosen all the connections.

Starting a Vacuum Pump

Now, let’s learn the basics of starting a vacuum pump.

  1. Oil level is necessary to be checked. Without the proper oil level, the vacuuming won’t go smoothly.
  2. Closing the inlet valve is the next task.
  3. Venting the inlet pump to atmospheric pressure is necessary in case it’s already not vented.
  4. Turn the pump on and vacuum.
  5. Finally oven the valves one by one.

The Necessity of Oil for Vacuum Pumps

Well. Why do we need oil for vacuum pumps? It’s something common which many might ponder upon. Actually, it’s the oil through which the moisture and other things are eliminated from an AC system. With the presence of moisture and other components, the engine don’t run as expected. It becomes inefficient.

Vacuuming AC without a Vacuum Pump

Is it possible to vacuum ac without the help of a vacuum pump? Well, it’s might be a bit tough, but it’s possible. If you can install an access valve on bot the low and high pressure ports of the system. Then, with the help of a compressor, you can do the vacuuming on the ac system.

Does Vacuuming Remove Oil?

No, most of the time it doesn’t remove the oil. But, upon the replacement of compressor, you don’t have the necessity of adding extra oil.

Two Main Steps to Vacuuming an AC System

Well, you already know the process of vacuuming an ac system. But, connecting the gauge set to the correct part of the system is necessary. Also, it’s important that you don’t over vacuum an AC system.

Work the Gauges and Ports

Well, the gauges set is the reason you can create a connection for the vacuum pump and pressure for of the air conditioning system. The two colored gauges are red and blue. Both have different functions.

The blue colored gauge is to connect with the low pressure port, while the red colored is for the high pressure port. However, the other one is of yellow color which should connect with the vacuum gauges.

All the connections should be air tight.

Starting the Vacuum Function

Now, it’s time to start vacuuming for the AC system. Here, we’ll only start to vacuum once all the connections have been made. So turn the vacuum pump on and wait for an indicator light or sound which indicates the start of the vacuum pump.

But, if you find any problems or have confusion, always adhere to vacuum pump user manual. Overall, if the connections are proper and tight, the vacuuming operation will go smoothly. For a fact, know that, you should run the vacuum operation for no more than 30 minutes.

Inside The Motor of a Vacuum Pump

Let’s learn in short what’s inside the motor of a vacuum pump. Well, the inside have a stator. It’s enclosed with copper coils like a spring. So, upon the generation of electricity, there’s a magnetic field in the motor. Thus, the motor rotates.

Final Thoughts

So, as we were speaking about using a vacuum pump for the purpose of conditioning an AC system, it becomes evident that, the process is simple. The main thing to do is to connect the gauge set to the high and low pressure ports correctly.

Furthermore, the most important thing to remember is that, vacuuming operation should not continue more than 30 minutes. After the vacuuming is over, you should disconnect all the connections as soon as possible. Protection Status
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