How to Change Hoover Vacuum Bag

How do you Change the Hoover Vacuum Bag on your Vacuum Cleaner?

If you are the ‘Monica’ of your family or friends’ group, a vacuum cleaner, and its accessories are the biggest companions for you. Even if you aren’t one, a vacuum cleaner is a household necessity anyway to keep your floors tidy and dust-free. But for vacuum cleaners to do their job well, you have to look after them and their maintenance requirements. One of these regular maintenance requirements is changing the vacuum bag of your vacuum cleaner.

Here, we have discussed in detail everything that you need to know about changing the Hoover vacuum bag on your vacuum cleaner.

What is a Hoover Vacuum Bag?

Hoover, being the pioneer in vacuum cleaners and providing the best vacuum accessories in quality for as many years as we can imagine. So, a Hoover vacuum bag, not just stores dust for you as you vacuum your floors and carpets. A hoover vacuum bag serves to filter the particulate matter out of the air of your room or living space. What more of a function can you expect from a vacuum bag?

So, today we are here to discuss why it is important to change the vacuum bag on your vacuum cleaner? Secondly, and more importantly, how to change the vacuum bag on your vacuum cleaner?

Why is it important to Change the Hoover Vacuum Bag on your Vacuum Cleaner?

Let’s see and understand first that how does it matter if we change the vacuum bag or not?

A vacuum bag is probably the most important part of the appliance. Since you see this where the air filled with dirt has to pass through. The vacuum bag is studded with fine holes that act as air filters. These air filters block the dirt in the path and allow the clean, filtered air to escape through the exhaust. So, all the dirt and debris practically get trapped inside the vacuum bag. Imagine what will happen when the bag is full and the dirt? Tears will appear in the bag, and dirt and debris will start leaking out of the bag.

So, now you know that the vacuum bag on the vacuum cleaner must be replaced fairly regularly. Frequency cannot be told since it depends on how much work you take from your vacuum cleaner. So, avoid going for pet numbers from colleagues and friends.

What are the Signs that Tell When to Change the Vacuum Bag?

It is important to know when is the time to get your vacuum bag changed. Some vacuum cleaners come with an indicator that is turned on when the vacuum bag is full. When this happens, do not go on for many days with the same full vacuum bag as it can cause serious appliance damage.

For those without the indicator, you can always rely on the following signs to know when to get your vacuum bag changed or replaced:

  1. Your vacuum is sucking up less dirt. You feel like it is getting less efficient.
  2. You see dirt or debris leaking from the hose
  3. The bag has a tear or is broken, and the dirt gets stuck in the vacuum cleaner

If you observe and confirm the signs above in your vacuum cleaner, get a vacuum bag and, following the instructions below, get it replaced as soon as possible.

Clear Instructions on How to Change a Hoover Vacuum Bag:

You may remember the instruction manual you got when you bought your dear vacuum cleaner. It is important because the instructions may vary according to the model of your vacuum cleaner. Details may vary, but more or less, the instructions go around the following lines:

  1. First things first, make sure your vacuum cleaner has been unplugged.
  2. There should be a button on your vacuum cleaner for opening the bag compartment.
  3. Detach the bag taking care that it does not break or tear. The mess will be unimaginable!
  4. Insert your new hoover vacuum bag
  5. Close the compartment

Things to Take Special Care of

For more precise information, consult the instruction manual that accompanies your vacuum cleaner. You can easily avail the instruction manual in pdf form or online as well.

When buying new vacuum cleaner bags, make sure they fit into your specific vacuum cleaner model. Because if the bags are not compatible, the vacuum cleaner may not perform at its best. For instance, if it is too small, it may tear apart, holes may appear, and dust and debris might leak out. Or if it is too big, it may not fit and will keep on coming off.

How do I Get Rid of Old Vacuum Bags?

Super easy!

Whether made of paper or microfiber, used vacuum cleaner bags are disposed of with dry, non-recyclable waste. It is not suggested to keep that at home for long, especially when you have asthmatic or allergic family members.

Final Thoughts

Changing the vacuum bag of your vacuum cleaner plays the same part in its functioning as changing the water of your aquarium does for the life and health of your fish. And since vacuum cleaners with all their features have become necessary for dust-free, clean, and tidy floors. So, changing the vacuum bag that is filled and no longer usable is important.

Follow the signs mentioned above to see when your vacuum cleaner needs a fresh Hoover vacuum bag. Do not just rely on a number from a colleague or a friend. They may be using their vacuum too much, or not at all. Look for the signs!

Finally, you have detailed instructions and tips to get your vacuum bag changed. The instruction manual can also be of great help if your vacuum cleaner model is different from the others on the market. And last but not the least, make sure you look for the compatibility of your vacuum cleaner model with the vacuum cleaner bag you are buying.

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