How to Get Out of a Rainbow Vacuum Contract?

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The Rainbow vacuum is one of the most reliable vacuum brands out there. It is mainly known for its impressive durability and long-lasting performance. This vacuum can last for decades without any issues. The Rainbow vacuum arrives with a huge warranty period to assure you of long-term performance. But can you get out of a rainbow vacuum contract?

Although most of the Rainbow vacuums are topnotch in quality, sometimes they might not provide you a good performance. It especially happens when you end up with a defective unit. In such a case, you might want to return the product and get out of the contact. But how can you do this? Keep going through the article to find out what you need to do.

How to Get Out of a Rainbow Vacuum Contract?

The Rainbow vacuum typically arrives with warranty coverage. Along with the warranty, you might get a replacement warranty from the distributor. In most cases, the vacuum machine will include a replacement guarantee for three days to ten days. That means, after purchasing the machine, if you find any issues with it, you might return it. Note that not all the distributors may not offer you this privilege.

If you are not happy with the vacuum cleaner, then you can consider returning it. Typically, the manufacturer brand Rainbow doesn’t sell the machines directly. Instead, they have a specific distributor for a specific place and they supply the product at these places. Along with supplying the product, the distributor is also in charge of the replacement and the warranty.

That means if you are not happy with the vacuum cleaner, you will require giving it back to the distributor. The distributor will let you know whether you will get a warranty for it or not. You will not get any support from the manufacturer brand for the warranty.

You will get a four-year warranty for the Rainbow SRX Cleaning System. The same period of warranty is applicable for the included attachment. The motor unit along with the electric controller arrives with ten years of warranty. Note that the warranty will not be applicable for normal wear and tear because of regular uses. Such as the filters, belts, HEPA neutralizer might get damaged with time. You will require purchasing them on your own.

How to Return a Rainbow Vacuum?

While returning the Rainbow vacuum, you will require going through several steps. These steps will be discussed below.

Step 1

You will require showing the papers of purchase as proof of the date of purchase while returning the vacuum cleaner. The purchase receipt will also include the return policy and other related information about the return on top of the paper. Make sure that you have checked out the policy to understand whether you will get the warranty or not.

Step 2

The next thing you need to do is to find out the contact information of the distributor. You should find it in the purchase receipt that you have got from the distributor. If it is not available there, give a check to the Rainbow system website. The contact information of authorized sellers should be listed there.

Step 3

Reach out to the distributor and briefly discuss the issue you are facing to acknowledge why you want to return the product. Based on the given information, the seller will decide whether the product can be returned or not. This will depend on the return policy that is mentioned in the receipt.

Step 4

Now if the distributor accepts the return, you will require writing a letter with your information and reason of the return. You might require including your name, product purchase date, serial number and model number of the product, and the date of the communication. You can either send it through regular mail or email.

The next thing you will require doing is to send back the vacuum cleaner. It must be packaged in the original package and include everything you have got with it. You can ship it to the address of the distributor and hand it over physically.

How Long a Rainbow Vacuum Last?

The Rainbow vacuum cleaners arrive at a huge cost. So, you might be wondering whether it will be a good idea or not to purchase the vacuum. Well, it will be actually a great investment considering the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner. As we mentioned earlier, the vacuum cleaners from the brand arrive with excellent quality components. The parts and accessories of the vacuum are made of high-quality materials to assure you longevity.

As per the users, a vacuum cleaner from Rainbow Vacuum can last more than twenty years. Note a lot of vacuum cleaners in the market arrives with such a huge lifespan. Note that you will require changing things like the filters, pads, and belts obviously as they tear out with time. The main mechanism of the vacuum cleaner can last for decades without any issues.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

Is Authorized Rainbow Vacuum Available Online?

As per the Rainbow vacuum’s official website, the authorized Rainbow Distributor doesn’t sell the product online. Their home cleaning systems are exclusively for an in-home demonstration and are not available online. The one available online through unauthorized channels like the internet doesn’t arrive with the warranty the brand offers. You will also don’t get the replacement warranty in this case.

Where to Purchase the Rainbow Vacuum?

The Manufacturer Rainbow doesn’t sell the products directly. They have independent distributors all over the countries who sell the product and look after the warranty policy. You will find the information of the authorized distributor on their official website. You can also request an in-house distribution to understand the capability and effectiveness of the product.


Rainbow vacuum cleaners might be costly for you but they will be a great investment to take care of all of your household cleaning works. They arrive with a decent warranty period and you can also return them within a timeframe if you are not happy with the performance.

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