How Long Do Shark Vacuums Last?

The market of vacuum machines is now more competitive than ever. While purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you will find a lot of models from different popular brands. Amongst them, Shark is a well-known and reliable manufacturer of the tool. They produce quality vacuum machine that arrives with versatile and efficient performance. But how long do Shark vacuums last? Keep going through the article to find out.

How much a Vacuum lasts depends on a lot of things. Such as the manufacturer brand, the type of vacuum, build quality, and a lot of aspects. In the below part of the article, we will let you know how long the Shark vacuums last.

How Long Do Shark Vacuums Last?

As we mentioned above, the lifespan of a vacuum varies on a lot of things and it is quite hard to give you an exact figure. As per several sources online, the Shark vacuum lasts around 5 to 7 years. Note that this is nothing but an estimation. The given period is for the upright vacuum from the manufacturer. Interestingly, the Shark vacuum’s longevity is perfectly adequate compared to its cost.

When compared to the other premium vacuum cleaners, the Shark vacuums are available at a pretty moderate cost range. And it also lasts for a decent period of time. This makes the vacuum cleaner a perfect investment. Another impressive aspect about the Shark vacuum is some of the models of the vacuum even arrive with up to five years of warranty. This also means the vacuum cleaner is well-built and designed to last long.

How does the Brand Affect the Cost of Vacuum Cleaner?

If you are searching for a vacuum cleaner, you might see the cost difference between them. There are some brands of vacuum cleaners such as the Rainbow vacuums that cost you $1500 to $3000 for some of their products. The cost is huge when compared to most of the vacuum cleaners out there. However, with such a huge investment, you are also getting quality products that can last for decades.

As per some of the sources, the vacuum cleaner from Rainbow can last more than twenty years. That is quite a long period for a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, there are Dyson vacuum, Hover, Bissell, etc. vacuum cleaner last around five to seven years. They also cost you a good amount of money. If we consider the Rainbow vacuum as costly, we can entitle them as mid-range vacuum cleaners.

You will get a lot of accessories with the vacuums from these brand high-range and mid-range vacuums. They are suitable for versatile cleaning of various types of floor and surfaces. The higher the cost of the vacuum cleaner, the more accessories it brings. Some of these also equip innovative features. Some of the vacuums that are available at low cost also bring you additional accessories but they are not as many as the above one.

On the other hand, the Shark vacuum costs you less than the above choices. You can expect a performance of around five years from the vacuum machine. When compared to the above-mentioned choices, the Shark vacuum is available at a lower cost while assuring you better performance. If you are unable to invest in high-end vacuums, they will be an excellent alternative.

Other Things That Affect the Lifespan of Vacuums

There are several things that can impact the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner apart from the brand. Below we will discuss the other things that impact the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner.

Types of Vacuum Cleaner

You might already know that the vacuum cleaner is available in different shapes and sizes. The types of vacuum cleaners also impact how long they will perform. As an example, the upright vacuum cleaner, which is also considered as the original or classic vacuums are long-lasting compared to the other variation. They are more powerful while also including sturdier materials. They last around eight years.

As a result, you can expect a better and long-lasting performance from this variation of the vacuum cleaner. Although they arrive with a long lifespan, people don’t always pick this variation as it is bigger in size and storing them becomes a hassle sometimes. Another popular variation is the canister vacuum which is also identical to the upright vacuum. The canister vacuum also lasts around eight years.

Then comes the stick vacuum which is most of the time lightweight and perfect for versatile cleaning. However, they might not last for a long time. You can expect around five years. Some models arrive with better construction and they might last a few years more. There is then the robot vacuum, which is smaller and lighter. They last around three to five years. The handheld vacuum lasts less than that, around two to five years.


Another thing that decides the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner is its maintenance and how you are using it. As it deals with dirt, dust, and things like that, the vacuum cleaner can get affected by them badly. It is important to clean the vacuum cleaner regularly to get a long-term performance. If you don’t clean different parts of the machine routinely, you will notice the degradation in performance and lifespan.

There are some parts in the vacuum cleaner that are more important to clean. Such as the filters, which capture the dirt and other particles. They require cleaning at least once a month and require replacing after a certain period. Some other things that require frequent cleaning are the brush, hose, accessories, dust cup, etc. Follow the guidance in your vacuum cleaner’s user manual to clean this properly.

Another thing that impacts the lifespan is the range of use. Obviously, using the machine more frequently will make the parts wear out quicker.


As we discussed above, the Shark vacuum cleaner lasts around five to seven years. This can be more or less based on which vacuum cleaner you are using. Make sure to take proper maintenance of your vacuum cleaner following the user manual to get the best out of it as well as a long lifespan. Protection Status
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