Reason Why Vacuum Cleaner Keeps Shutting Off

Reason Why Vacuum Cleaner Keeps Shutting Off

Reason Why Vacuum Cleaner Keeps Shutting Off

If your vacuum cleaner keeps on shutting off while working then there can be 2 issues either your motor is overheating or some electrical issues.

The issue of overheating is very common and the solution is very easy but as far as electrical problems are concerned then you have to take them to the electrical shop.


If the motor of vacuum cleaner is not getting sufficient airflow then it might get overheated. This overheating can be due to choking of the tubbing and or because of some congestion in the airflow to the motor. If enough flow of air to the motor is ensured then the overheating can be controlled.

If the vacuum cleaner keeps on shutting off at proper intervals then this is the indication of obstructing airflow like it is shutting off after every 2 to 3 minutes then it is clogging but the shutting off is helter-skelter then the reason is electrical problem.

Some vacuum cleaners have incorporated an automatic shutting off system and it turns off the machine when the motor starts to overheat. This feature is to save the motor from getting burned and useless.

To avoid this you can check the parts of the cleaner -which can choke- after regular intervals like tubing, pipe, filters, intakes and bags. This will ensure that blocking is not present anywhere. Moreover, when a cleaner is choked it starts to make weird sounds to indicate to you the problem.

If the tubing is clogged then you can remove it to clean it, there can be a small gag which slowly overheats the machine by disrupting the proper airflow, or it can be a big clog, obstructing the complete airflow to the motor.

If you have removed tubing to clean it up use broom handle to push the obstruction out instead of some wine bottle or cork because they might end up invigorating the problem further by stroking in the hose.

And there can be some issues with the filters. The filters might have worked for months for you leading them to get full of dust. This can also cause overheating of the motor. You should replace the filters after every 6 months and if you do not remember the last time when you have replaced them then this is the time when you should change these. To buy new filters for your cleaner check this link out Vacuum Cleaner Filters.



If the cleaner has no clogging then the problem area can be a socket, and if it is the socket that is causing problem then try plugging in the cleaner in another socket, make sure that the new socket is firm enough to hold the switch of the cleaner. If the socket will be loose then it will cause spark and then fire in your house, after a short circuit. For this you should call an electrician.

But if, after changing the socket, the problem persists then there can be an issue with the power switch, or the motor. If you have no idea how to fix this stuff then take your cleaner to the repair shop, they will make your cleaner new again.

How can you recognize that the vent is causing an issue? For this purpose you can simply check the cord of the cleaner, if it is really hot then it is confirmed that the problem lies in the socket. Cord gets warm in daily routine but if the cord is hot beyond normal then definitely the problem is with the outlet.

As far as the motor is concerned then first check the quality of your cleaner, if you have bought it from a super store at a cheap price then forget about it being fixed after visiting the repair shop. They do not make them in a way that can be fixed, these kinds of cleaners are one timers. Check this  post out to determine how long your cleaner will serve you.


Another Option:

Well in case of “superstore” cleaners which are short living you can use a different strategy to use them for a long time.

Because these cleaners have cheap quality motor and are not meant to run for long hours then the recommendation for you is to use them for 30 minutes and give them the rest of 15 minutes for the next cleaning phase.

If All Else Fails:

If you have done everything that can be done to run the cleaner well and have tried all the above written strategies then this is the time for your cleaner to be changed, now there is a need for a new cleaner in your house.

And if you have changed many cleaners and none worked out then find a Shop Vacuum like this one here. Shop vacuums are powerful cleaners and can take in almost everything, large or small, even liquids, so they can be better than regular ones.

Shop vacuums are not only powerful but also cheaper as compared to the standard vacuums, which are widely used.

If you have kids or pets or both then this vacuum cleaner is a mandatory cleaner for your house because it sucks up all the mess they create in the house.

What are the uses of these cleaners and how to use them so to solve the issue of your uses of the shop vacuums are given here. Protection Status
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