Does Vacuuming Kill Ants?

Does Vacuuming Eliminate Ants

Does Vacuuming Kill Ants?

Mostly asked by the people that vacuums really kill ants?

So the answer is no, not really because they are too light and small to be killed by the vacuum cleaner. Some ants might get hurt by cleaner but not all.

But still we can give you some tips to get the ant problem cured through vacuum cleaners.

Vacuuming Ants

With the cleaner what you can do is to vacuum up the ants, if there is a line of these tiny annoying creatures on the floor or on the wall then vacuum them.

Now the next thing that has to be done is the dumping of the vacuum bag full of ants. You have to take away the bag from your house and through it in the trash.

Or if your cleaner is a bag less canister one then it is more good because dumping ants is easier with it. You can empty the canister of your cleaner into the trash bag and then through the trash bag into the garbage, but here you can try this too, before throwing the trash bag, first put diatomaceous earth into the bag, seal it and then toss it to mix this into the material inside then throw the bag away.

You can get some Diatomaceous Earth Here.

The reason why Diatomaceous Earth is used here is because they are natural and organic in nature as compared to other pesticides, moreover you cannot or should not use any ant killer near the vacuum or inside the sealed bag because they are highly inflammable and can cause explosion.

Here is a tip for you too that you should never spray insecticides or other chemicals near the vacuum because they are damaging for the cleaners. Moreover, never vacuum where the chemical, on insecticide spray has been applied, chemicals and vacuums do not make a good combination.

Best Vacuum For Ants and Other Pests:

What you should use for insects and pests is recommended by me is a shop vacuum and in shop vacuums  Shop-Vac 5989300 5-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum is highly recommended. So if you do not have a shop vacuum in your house then buy it for best results.

They are best because they have powerful suction and less price and they can suck up almost everything, small or big. Moreover this vacuum will not kill the ants so if you do not want to kill them use this vacuum and then let them free again in some other place or if you are up to killing them then you can add some Diatomaceous Earth before vacuuming them up.

The Real Problem

Well if you are reading this article then you must have issues of ants in your home, the vacuum is a quick and easy option for getting rid of ants yet not a good one.

And as prevalent on the internet the use of borax and vinegar as a cure for ants or any other thing, I am not going to suggest anything like it to you. In fact the only cure to the insects is a good insecticides otherwise the ants will keep coming back.

The best you can use is Advion Ant Bait Gel Syngenta Ant Baits. This is the best insecticide you can use because many professionals are using it.

Using a gel is a good option to kill the insects because it not only kills 1 or 2 or 10 ants but the entire colony is eradicated. And if you find any ant around after applying gel will be a dead one, you can use vacuum to suck it up, or can use a broom to clean the area. Protection Status
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