Can a Vacuum Get Rid of Lice

Steps on How Can a Vacuum Get Rid of Lice at Your Head

What Is Lice?

Lice, or usually we can also say as “head lice”, is a parasite that can be found on human hair and is a common infestation phenomenon in the United States. It is a tiny insect that feeds on human blood from the human scalp. Although head lice are generally known as parasite living creatures, their existence does not give any serious or heavy infectious disease.

There are three different forms of head lice as to what can be found by scientists, the first one is the nit (or can also be said as the “eggs”), the nymph, and the last one is the adult. Head lice mostly come from direct contact with a person who gets infected with them. However, indirect contact could have caused the same problem as the direct one, but it is not that widely known compared to the direct one.

Signs of someone getting infected by head lice vary. The simplest way to know someone is infected is the “itchy” feelings around the head. That happened because of the louse bites, resulting in an allergy reaction which we see as itching.

Besides itching, the difficulty in sleeping is also one of the most crucial ways to know if someone gets infected or not. If you suspect someone is infected with head lice and need treatment for it, go find and meet a doctor nearby you.

Vacuum As a Method to Get Rid of Lice

While we can cure head lice, you still need to be aware of what they can do to your health condition. Taking this cute creature on your head hair lightly could seriously develop a greater infection in the latter. Several precautions and medical treatments have been established to remove the head lice.

One way to remove the head lice from your head is by using a vacuum. But the question is, can a vacuum get rid of lice? Can a vacuum get rid of lice effectively and efficiently as other methods available compared when using a vacuum?

Despite all the methods available, in this article, we will solely focus our discussion on vacuum function and purpose to get rid of lice.

Every year, an estimation of 6 up to 12 million kids between the age of 3 until 11 years encounter a head lice infestation. Even though it is attacking your head hair, do not worry because head lice infestation does not correlate with hygiene or home sanitation. The two are separate conditions on their own.

Steps on How Can a Vacuum Get Rid of Lice at Your Head

Now that you have secured all of your children free from head lice and have checked that all the rest of the family members are also free from it, make sure all of your furniture and all of the household-related material are vacuumed one by one.

With this strategy, it might work to give it a try so that every lice or egg that is probably still lying around would not stay again and the space get cleaned up.

Furthermore, vacuuming is an effective way or method suggested by most health individual or group advisory experts, besides doing the laundry. That being said, if you want to remove lice from your head, what you need to have first is the tool vacuum itself.

You can get the vacuum, either by buying or borrowing it. None of the two ways to have the tools matter, but for your information, the price of the vacuum tools is sold around a hundred dollars.

The Steps

The first step is to make sure we build correctly all the components of the vacuum. Assembling each component to its right place confirms the device will work well during the head lice removal. After that, you want to turn on the tool and put the tip of the vacuum shaft on every separate little section on every whole hair.

You want to get over the scalp of the hair, lift the hair, and display the hair base, where the eggs and lice are likely to stay and lie. The controlled heated air from the vacuum will dehydrate all the eggs or nit from the hair base. Most of the eggs or nit are liquid, so the vacuum method works well in removing and killing all those eggs and lice.

Move the vacuum gently and carefully up and down ensuring all the eggs and lice are sucked inside the vacuum tube. Once you finish vacuuming, patiently nitpick each section of hair that has already been separated with a nick comb. It is because it glued those eggs after the dehydration process.

The eggs and lice are not viable to live or survive the heat after the dehydration caused by the vacuum machine, ultimately making all the eggs unable to hatch and eventually kill the lice themselves. However, the vacuum method does not only apply to hair. You can also use this method to remove the eggs and kill lice in your home or kid’s furniture, where we usually rest our heads.

So how can a vacuum get rid of lice? Once the lice are immediately sucked from the hair, they cannot live for more than an hour or longer because they need human blood to stay alive. And most importantly, they cannot live on other surfaces other than a human hair. What is more absolutely great than knowing that, it is because the vacuum sucking method is toxin-free.

Final Verdict

Regardless of how effective the vacuum sucking method is to get rid of all the eggs and kill lice, you still need to consider other methods of healing the disease. Use this as you know it will best to help combat the lice lingering around your hair.

If the lice are not completely removed and turn out increasingly growing, please with all respect, go see a doctor and seek medical treatment for your head.

I encourage everyone to beware of this disease and not look down on it as it also has the same effect as other diseases if we do not deeply pay attention to cure it. Protection Status
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