Why is My Shark Vacuum Not Charging?

Why is your Shark Vacuum is not charging? Well, there can be several things that can cause the issue. Below, we will discuss some of the main reasons behind the problem.

Shark vacuum is very popular amongst the people who seek a budget vacuum cleaner. Although the vacuums are available at a cheap cost, they arrive with amazing features and cleaning capabilities. The performance of the Shark vacuum is comparable to some of the premium vacuum brands in the market.

Sometimes your Shark vacuum might not charge. This can happen for various reasons. Typically, an issue in the machine, battery, charger, or power outlet. Below, we will emphasize a bit more on these reasons.

Why is My Shark Vacuum Not Charging?

Your shark vacuum might not charge accurately because of the issue with the battery or charger problem. Maybe the vacuum’s rechargeable battery has finally lost its ability to hold a charge. Or your vacuum charger is too dirty. Dirt can obstacle with the electrical connection to the vacuum. On the other hand, you may have connected your vacuum charger to a faulty outlet. Your vacuum charger or battery may not work for some issues like this.

These problems of vacuum can be solved very easily, it will not take you long to solve these problems. Below we will discuss how to get your shark vacuum back to charging.

Check the Outlet

If your vacuum is not charged after installation at the outlet, there may be a problem at the outlet. It can happen, then check the electrical power source of the outlet. Following the below steps to check the outlet:

  • Put a lamp in the same outlet to see if the lamp is “ON”. If the light does not “ON” then the outlet is not working.
  • By placing the vacuum charger in a different outlet, charge the vacuum. If the vacuum charges without any problems, then the outlet you were using was the problem.

Check the Vacuum

Sometimes this can happen due to a problem with the vacuum cleaner itself. To check if there is any problem with the vacuum, place the vacuum on the floor and turn it on. Make sure that, your vacuum suction is strong and it is working properly. If the vacuum suction is working properly, then the problem may be between your vacuum the battery, and the charger.

Replace the Battery

Any rechargeable batteries start losing their battery power after a certain period of time. When you have used the vacuum for a long time, its battery will start declining gradually. This is usually a problem for the old vacuum.

Normally, a shark vacuum takes sixteen hours to charge. If you notice that your vacuum is not charging properly after full time or the charge does not last more than a few minutes. This means, your vacuum battery capability is decreased, then you need to understand that it is time to replace the vacuum battery.

Clean the Charger and Battery

Sometimes the vacuum battery is not charged properly due to a weak connection. Excess dirt covers the contacts of both the battery and the charger.  And they prevent them from connecting enough to carry electricity. A weak connection between the battery contacts may cause your vacuum not to charge. Therefore, the contacts of both the battery and the charger need to be clear.

Unplug the charger before starting to clean it. Thoroughly wipe the areas of the charger with a dry microfiber cloth. Remember to never use a damp cloth to clean the charger, as it can damage electronic components.

Wipe the contact points of both the vacuum and the vacuum charger with a microfiber cloth. After finishing the cleaning process, plug in the vacuum charger. If you see that the vacuum charge indicator is lighting, then your vacuum has not been charged due to the accumulation of dirt.

Clean the Vacuum

Sometimes this can happen when you do not well maintain your vacuum. Maybe you didn’t clean your vacuum routinely. If the vacuum is not cleaned properly after use, dust and sand start to accumulate inside the vacuum. Due to the accumulation of dust and sand, some parts of the vacuum may not work properly. Some parts like the canister, hose, and brush head need to be cleaned with more caution.

Thoroughly clean all removable parts of your vacuum by looking at the user manual that comes with your vacuum. Before replacing a vacuum any component or buying a new vacuum, you should try all of the above instructions at least once.


How long do shark vacuum batteries last?

All Shark vacuum uses power core batteries. Normally, all rechargeable batteries naturally lose power over time. The battery life of the Shark Vacuum is at least two years and it comes with a limited warranty of two years. After two years maybe your vacuum battery capacity may decrease.

Why is my shark’s vacuum blue light flashing?

Your shark vacuum has several different lights that indicate part of the vacuum is stuck or is working properly. If any light flashes, it means that something in your vacuum is working properly. If your shark vacuums blue light flashing, it means the vacuum brush roll is not rotating. Also, the red light may mean that the brush roll has become jammed or the vacuum is overheating.

Usually, the flashing light indicates that something needs to be fixed in the vacuum. In most cases, you can identify some of the basic problems of vacuum by flashing lights. There are some of the most common reasons that prevent the charger from working appropriately. After trying these above troubleshooting steps, you should find the issue.

If you still cannot find the reason after diagnosing, you should consider calling the manufacturer of the machine. They might help you to solve the issue.


Shark vacuum cleaner typically works efficiently for a long time without any issues. If your Shark vacuum is not charging, try the above troubleshooting tips. We hope you will be able to find the issue and solve it following the guide.

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