Why Doesn’t My Dyson Vacuum Work?

Can’t Figure Out Why Doesn’t My Dyson Vacuum Work: Here Are Some Solutions

Dyson has changed the way of cleaning floors by introducing a vacuum which doesn’t need any bag. This main thing carried away the disturbance of having to buy, make fit and change the bags but another annoying thing is sometime it would not work so well. Dyson introduced appeared with a model that made a mini cyclone confined in the canister that consume up the dirt in a powerful manner. Even with all this competency you may find that you may need to maintain dyson vacuum in a sporadic manner.

Power Loss Issue  

Even we all know that dyson vacuum changed the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of enterprise but sometimes it would not work. It is because that sometimes it causes to overheat. And its thermal safety system which is residing in the vacuum machine cut down the power.

In this case you have to delay for at least one hour. As vacuum machine would not turn on until it is found cool. It is overheated because there is not an empty exhaustion through the machine due to an obstruction somewhere. Following are some suggestions when the dyson becomes power of during a process:

  • Separate and explore the foam filter for obstruction
  • Make sure that the canister is free of obstruction
  • Explore the hoses and u-bends to get rid of obstruction
  • Clear the foam filter if filthy and you have to wait until the filter becomes waterless
  • Clear the other filters in vacuum machine it depends upon the design as every design is different

Make sure that after cleansing the filter and put in the machine again, all the parts should be compatible together correctly before vacuuming. If the container is not fitted correctly all you leave behind unintentionally to insert them, the vacuum will not function properly and will get excessively and undesirably hot.

Failure of Suction

Another most common reason of why doesn’t dyson vacuum work is the failure of suction. This problem occurs due to dusty or filthy filter. A dyson vacuum appears with all the things you need to perform it. Unplugged the machine before starting the process exert the release to leave the filter housing from the unit based on the design you have. Raise the yellow-cage and blue filters from the unit and the housing and then cleans them in cooled water and gripping and pressing firmly until the water becomes clean make them dry for at least 12 hours. Cleans the filter at least once after every six months.

Not Accelerating Up

Dyson vacuum are designed for floors and carpets. Some dyson designs consume 3 positions power switch to turn the brush bar on for cleansing the carpets and the other thing is that bar is not required when cleansing the floors. The other parts may have a tool consisting of a stick with a rubber suction cup at one end use to clean, you have to pull out to the lowest part to clean carpets and exert in for cleaning the shingle, vinyl or for the other floors in which wood of broad leaved dicotyledonous trees is used. Explore the external of the plunger for the remaining things that has been broken up to clean away if it prevents the plunger from proper functioning.

Brush Bar Not Rotating

The elastic band may be twisting on the dyson brush bar and causing a rubber smell by subjecting to intense heat. This could be the reason by the remains of things that has been destroyed are resided near the small turbine, or the cord and hear twisted all over the bar. Unplugged the machine and move it over. Carry away the lower plate from the lowest of the upward unit. Move smoothly nickel plate into each of two grapnels, and rotate each in the direction opposite to the rotation of the hands of a clock until it ends. Raise the one plate from the unit and put it separately. Make sure that the metal long rod or pole to revolve openly and should have no obstructions. Carry away any intricate trap all over the brush bar with scissor. Also search out for obstructions in the tube on the lower side of turbine head and abolish them.

Customer Support Service

If any of the above suggestions doesn’t more effective for you contact the dyson customer support service line reachable on company’s website.  As there are different designs so may be a particular vacuum have different troubleshooting cases.

Suggestion for How to Reset the Vacuum Breaker

Step 1

Pull the plug of vacuum cleaner and render inoperable if it abruptly prevents operating the function. It means that the breaker has been tripped.

Step 2

Explore the units, covering the brush attachments, the flexible pipe and the cylindrical container. Carry away any immaterial that stands in the way observe for the remains of something that has been despoiled, hear and the other units like small pieces of curios and weaves. Clear the dirt container and cleans the filters.

Step 3

Make it possible to cool the vacuum the cleaner by not using up and turned off with removing of the plug from the wall aperture. Hold up for at least 30 minutes until the thermal cut off and the breaker has adjusted again itself. Some particular designs of vacuum may take more time to adjust again than the normal time. In any condition pull off the plug or the breaker reset will not be accomplished, examine the vacuum again.


Vacuum cleaner consists of a thermal safe and secure breaker that turned off the motor to refrain it from getting undesirably hot. Overheating activates to arise if the machine interrupts the normal function or becomes obstructed. Obstructing can be prevented by refraining vacuuming large items that are larger than the flexible pipe or cleansing joint. If the thermal protection breaker misses a step and fall a vacuum cleaner then you can adjust it again with the related content.

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