How to Turn On a Bissell Vacuum

BISSELL’s vacuums are delineated to ease your household work. Bissell’s vacuum offers pet vacuums, bagels, and bagged vacuums. Vacuum is a necessary part of every home, but it is a technology that may have some issues. When you buy a new vacuum, you may have issues like how to turn on a Bissell vacuum, some power problems, vacuum not working, vacuum not charging, the power button is not working. Don’t worry, and we have covered all your issues in this article. This article will resolve all of your problems once you read this article thoroughly. So let’s get started.

How to Turn On a Bissell Vacuum if the Button Will Not Work?

If the Bissell’s vacuum does not turn on, then the issue is maybe with the power outlet or clogged dust in the vacuum’s motor. The primary issue you may face with your Bissell vacuum is failure to power on. An Exact reason for this problem depends upon the type of cleaner you have. For instance, conventional corded Bissell vacuums need external ability to turn on, but changeable batteries are used to give power to the vacuums. Before knowing the procedures of troubleshooting this problem, you need to double-check the battery of such vacuums.


There may be different reasons for power failure in your corded Bissell vacuum cleaner includes:

  • Faulty power outlet
  • Lack of power
  • Unplugged power cable
  • Fusebox contains blown fuse
  • Damaged cables

In rare cases, it is due to burned battery or internal motor. When wiring connects to the power supply, the motor starts overheating, and the vacuum cleaner can fail to turn on. These reasons may be different in a cordless model of Bissells’ vacuums, that includes:

  • A faulty charging station
  • A faulty battery
  • A broken switch

It can be more challenging to identify the reasons for the cordless vacuums’ power problem. To do so, you need to invest in a new charging cable for your vacuum. It will be good if you have a warranty on your vacuum, so you don’t need to spend your money on purchasing a new one. Let’s discuss some fixes that may help you to avoid extra steps and money.

How to Fix It?

Do you have a corded Bissell vacuum? If yes! You need to make sure that your vacuum is plugged in properly. If it is plugged in correctly, plug it out and plugin into another outlet, and try again. If this will not work, then check your breaker box. Checking breaker box is necessary as it may happen due to overloading of the electrical system. If the switch is also good, then the problem may be due to a blown fuse. Don’t change the fuse by yourself unless you are an experienced electrician. Remember to wear safety gear to prevent electrical shock.

How to Test Charger Functionality in Your Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

You need to test your charger’s functionality in your cordless vacuum by following these steps:

  1. Connect both negative and positive cables to your Avometer and on the power.
  2. Set your Avometer to register the volts of your vacuum.
  3. Plug your charger into a working outlet.
  4. Check the numbers on your Avometer.
  5. If the reading is less than the listed volt or zeroes, your charger is faulty.

If the Avometer reading is ok, then your vacuum cleaner may be dead. Contact Bissell’s support if you have a warranty on your vacuum cleaner; if not, hire a technician or purchase a new cordless vacuum.

Why Bissell’s Vacuum Does Not Charge?

Do you want to charge your vacuum, but it is refusing to condemn? If so, then the problem is with your charger. A dead battery never accepts charging, which leads to charging difficulties.


When your vacuum stops charging, the causes maybe 

  • The charger of vacuum cleaner
  • Internal battery pack
  • With your wall outlet
  • Plug connection of the charger

How To Fix

If your vacuum cleaner is not charging, you can fix it by checking your charger. You can check if your charger is working by checking the changes of the LED indicator light on the charger. If the LED light not works, then the problem is with your charger. If your charger has no LCD indicator, you need to use a multimeter or avometer to test your charger. If the problem is not with the vacuum charger, maybe your cordless battery is dead. It is noted that a drained battery accepts and store the electricity, but a dead battery does not even receive electricity, so you need replacement. Replacing your battery isn’t easy and even not possible. The best option is to change your vacuum cleaner.

Why Is Bissell Vacuum Power Not Working?

If your vacuum cleaner’s power button stops working, you may think that the issue is with your power; you may also experience this problem due to the defective power button or damaged wiring.


Your vacuum cleaner power button stop working due to

  • The dust may be lodged beside your button.
  • The plastic casing of your vacuum cleaner breaks apart.
  • Your vacuum’s battery may not store electricity.
  • The cable may be faulty
  • The void may not plug in the charger.

How To Fix

Plugin your Bissell’s vacuum cleaner charger in a working outlet is the optimal solution, and you may also need to replace your faulty power station with a working one. If the issue is a physical one, your problem may be resolved by a technician. Ask for help from Bissell’s vacuum support team is a fantastic idea if your vacuum is still under warranty. If nothing is helpful, then you should purchase a new one.


The common cause behind vacuum chargers is unplugged power cords, defective outlets, defective cables, and blown fuses. We have shared the detailed information in this article so you’ll be able to make your vacuum cleaner charge. Checking your power supply is the optimal solution. If you have any complement, suggestions, or objections, let us know through the comment section. Protection Status
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