Stick Vacuum Vs Upright Vacuum

Have you ever found yourself staring down at a couch covered in dirt or crumbs, feeling utterly defeated and irritated? Those days when cleaning seems like an insurmountable task, …

Does Vacuuming Kill Ants?

Does Vacuuming Kill Ants? Mostly asked by the people that vacuums really kill ants? So the answer is no, not really because they are too light and small to …

Don’t Vacuum Up Baking Soda

Don’t Vacuum Up Baking Soda Baking soda is widely recommended on the internet and many you-tube channels for getting rid of odor and stain. No doubt it is a …

Cleaning Carpet with Vinegar

Check this out: It’s like a secret potion for your carpet. Who knew that your kitchen’s humble vinegar could work magic on those pesky stains? Dive into a world … Protection Status
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