Do Vacuum Storage Bags Ruin Clothes?

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Do Vacuum Storage Bags Ruin Clothes

Do Vacuum Storage Bags Ruin Clothes?

This is a question which is frequently asked by

the people. Well, the answer can be yes or no depending upon how and on what

material you use this bag.

People use them on different cloth materials and

store them for several years but a wise choice of clothes is required to store

in a vacuum bag otherwise the clothes can be damaged. No fluffy, delicate and

or natural fiber material should be stored in the bag. And any material should

not be stored for more than 6 months in vacuum bags.

What vacuum bags to be used?

There is a proper way to store clothes in these

bags, you can roll the cloth with the vacuum bag to remove air like this vacuum storage bag that you remove the air by rolling,

like these here. Instead of using a vacuum cleaner, because this

action will cause much strain on the fibers of the clothes and lead to damage.

Purchasing a vacuum bag with a vacuum hand pump

is highly recommended.

Do not seal these items:

Some materials are not made for vacuum bags,

because they can face damage in these bags. These materials are following:

Natural fibers like wool and silk.

Fluffy material like fluffy coats, sleeping bags

and small inflatable boats.

Why should these materials not be kept in vacuum

bags? The answer is, first the wool is a delicate, natural material which needs

breathing, needs space to expand, and holds moisture, so storing it for more

than 6 month in a vacuum bag would damage its fiber.

Second is, the fluffy material should never be

compressed because these materials work when they trap air in them and

compressing them for a long time will affect their ability to trap air and

heat, moreover they will fail to perform their main function.

When To Use Vacuum Storage Bags:


When to use a vacuum storage bag is a question and for this

question, the answer is when you want to travel. While travelling using vacuum

bags can be a good decision because they will store the clothes like T-Shirts,

socks and underwear in a quite good manner and by using this you can add more

clothes in your bag. And as far as the problem of crease id concerned then have

a look here.

These bags are very suitable for the seasonal clothes other than

natural and fluffy stuff, but still 6 months airing out of these clothes is

advised to avoid any damage.

Clever Thing to Do:

You can have some of your clothes like a T-shirt, a pair of socks

and underwear sealed in the vacuum bags and have them in your car as a backup

because you never know what life is up to in the next moment, so it is wise to

be ready for everything.

This can act as an emergency kit and for this try this link vacuum storage bag that requires a vacuum to remove the air like this one here. You definitely will enjoy it. Protection Status
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