Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet

Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet

Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet

Using a regular vacuum cleaner to suck the water up from a wet carpet can lead to no good results that is why you should not use a common cleaner. Even if you have seen some videos on the topic on you-tube still I do not recommend this to you.

Common house cleaners are made to suck up the solid and dry wastes not the liquid one and the other reason is that their filters are not designed in a way to deal with the liquids, liquids can harm them and they will fail to perform their function. Even removal of the filters is recommended, in many shop vacuum cleaners before the cleaning of spills. And it is very necessary to choose the right gear before using the cleaner for water sucking up and to avoid mold and smell building up.

How to Vacuum Wet Carpet

Use only shop vacuums to clean the wet carpet because they are made for the purpose. And if you have not one yet then consider purchasing one because they are a great relief in case of cleaning. They are very powerful in matter of suction and they are cheaper too as compared to other regular cleaners people use to purchase.

If there are pets and children in your house then purchase of one is a must because the mess they create can only be dealt with by these cleaners. Shop-Vac 5989300 5-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP is highly recommended by me.

If your carpet gets wet for any reason you can use this shop vacuum to suck the water up by adjusting the settings and this will dry your carpet very quickly. There are two ways to determine whether the machine is full or not, 1st you can listen to the weird noise it produces when it is full or there can be an indicator that will show you the status of the tank.

Best Tools For Wet Carpet

Use of a shop vacuum to suck the fluid from the carpet is recommended when it is not in a huge amount but if there is flood or it is the pet that keeps on doing pee on the carpet then you should get this Sub Surface Carpet Extraction Tool like this one here.

There are some tools which can be attached to the shop vacuum that make things easy for you like a Water Claw or Sub Surface Carpet Extraction Tool, this is a simple device you can attach to your shop vacuum. And when you exert pressure then it will remove water from the carpet.

Such tools are also convenient for using on the smelly liquid like coffee, urine and etc.


Other Ways to Dry Wet Carpet:

For drying a carpet you can use a fan too and the box fans are very useful in this matter because these are not only cheap but also very powerful in terms of throwing air.

Blower fans like this one here are great fans for drying a wet carpet indeed. Most important and useful feature of these fans is that they ensure enough air quantity and do not produce any annoying sound. I also have used the services of these fans and I am a big fan of these, these are super cool.

Fan will make things easy for you and make sure that your carpet is dry even when no vacuum cleaner is used. I always have in mind that be careful with use of vacuum cleaners on wet carpets, never use regular ones. Always use the shop vacuums and with proper adjustments and right attachments otherwise your carpet will never recover from the damage.

And if the case is out of hand and you are unable to do anything then the only option left is to call a profession to treat your carpet, and to cure the mold and smell issues.

Drying Wet Carpet with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good water absorbent and will dry your carpet easily but here you will need a huge stock of it to be effective.

Moreover if you are going to use it then never use it with your regular vacuum cleaner because its tiny particles can clog up the filters or can pile up on the gears and bearing of the motor leading to the failure of the motor.

If you want to dry your carpet with baking soda and then vacuum it up then always use a shop vacuum because they are designed for this purpose and can handle the problem of baking soda. Protection Status
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