Can I Pick Up my Roomba and Move it to Another Room?

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Can I Pick Up my Roomba and Move it to Another Room?

Having a Roomba is fantastic, especially when you are not a fan of cleaning. But as with owning any appliance, knowing how to operate it will determine how much value you get from it. Most people who don’t know how to operate a Roomba will think it is most effective for one single room. However, you can program your Roomba to clean multiple rooms. In this article, you will learn how to use a Roomba to clean multiple rooms, as well as several other frequently asked questions concerning the Roomba.

Can I Pick up my Roomba and Move?

While you may feel tempted to manually pick up your Roomba and move it to another location, especially when you have multiple rooms to clean, don’t do it. It is not advisable to pick up your Roomba and move it because when you move the Roomba like that, you confuse it; hence it may have difficulty finding its home base; this will mean that you will have to reprogram the Roomba, which can take a lot of time and effort. If you want to make your Roomba clean other rooms, the best way to achieve it is by programming it to clean that room.

How does a Roomba know where to go?

Some Roomba models come with an intelligent mapping feature known as the visual simultaneous location and mapping or VSLAM. This feature enables the Roomba to map your home, which helps boost the cleaning process. When enabled, the Roomba learns your home layout, so it doesn’t matter if you move the Roomba manually from one room to another; it will automatically detect where it is and find its way back to the home base. The VSLAM comes with an optical system that can identify landmarks such as ceiling and judge the distance between walls. If your Roomba does not come with this innovative feature, it will be stuff going to rooms you manually programmed it to go.

How to add Rooms to my Roomba Map?

To add a room to the list of rooms your Roomba can clean, the Roomba has to map out the location first. To achieve this, click on the Select All clean option on the Roomba from the Mapping Run or the New Job button; this will enable the robot to access all the floor areas. When the Roomba is done mapping the location, your cleaning map will highlight “New Space Found” on the Roomba. The Smart Map on the Roomba should also automatically update with the new space.

Can you tell Roomba to Clean a Specific Room?

Yes, it is possible to make your Roomba clean a specific room. And if you have the more recent Roomba model that features a smartphone app, you can use the app to schedule a time for the Roomba to clean the room. Also, when you press and hold the Roomba icon for a few seconds, two options will pop up, select the Room option to assign specific rooms for the Roomba to clean. You will be asked if you want the Roomba to clean all the rooms or only specific ones on the following option. Select desired rooms, go back and start your Roomba to start cleaning specific rooms you set.

How to use a Roomba to clean Multiple Rooms?

If your home has a simple layout with minimal obstacles, using a Roomba to clean the whole house is a no-brainer. But cleaning can be a bit trickier when you have multiple rooms to clean with several obstacles for the Roomba to navigate. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a Roomba to clean multiple rooms.

Step 1: Get a Suitable Model for the Job.

The first and most important thing you need to do is ensure you have a suitable Roomba model for the job. No doubt, there are several Roomba models, each with slightly different features. For example, when buying a Roomba to clean multiple rooms, you want one that comes with a superior mapping system. As such, look for one that combines laser sensors with a visual camera to map out an area. In addition to this, you also want a Roomba that comes with enough power to get the job done. So, lookout for a Roomba with an improved battery system.

Step 2: Put your Home Base in a Central Location.

After settling on a Roomba model to buy, the following schedule is to have a home base. A home base is where the Roomba returns to after cleaning or where it starts the cleaning from. When setting a home base, you must put it at the center of your home. When the home base of your Roomba is in a central location, the chances of it getting stuck or stranded are significantly reduced.

Step 3: Make Wise use of Virtual Walls.

If you want your Roomba to maneuver your home to clean multiple rooms effectively, you need to use virtual walls. Virtual walls are handy accessories that keep your Roomba from going places it shouldn’t go. Note that taking advantage of virtual walls helps guide the great Roomba; they are only compatible with specific models. So be sure your Roomba is compatible with it before buying one.

Step 4: Use Scheduling to move your Roomba from Room to Room

Every Roomba has some scheduling option built-in. For example, you can schedule the Roomba to clean multiple rooms via the Roomba app or Wi-Fi using Google Home, Alexa, or other innovative home systems. This option is particularly significant if your home layout is not too complicated, as it makes sure your Roomba cleans several rooms in your house regularly even when you don’t have any virtual wall installed.

Bottom Line

To sum things up, cleaning multiple rooms with a Roomba shouldn’t be an issue, provided you have the suitable Roomba model. And the best part is that most Roomba gives you the luxury of customization. So you don’t have to be stuck with one way of cleaning your home. Protection Status
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