How Often to Vacuum for Fleas

Learn How Often to Vacuum for Fleas

Well. You want to learn how often to vacuum for fleas, right? It’s quite important. Fleas can grow on your bed, carpet, and many more places inside of your house. But, the good news is that you can follow different steps to stop flea infestation.

However, fleas can also grow on your pets. Especially, if you’ve got a pet dog, they’re more prone to flea infestation. Since it’s an important topic, we’re going to talk about fleas in detail. How fleas start infestation, grow, and spread in our house and more details on vacuuming for fleas.

How do Fleas Get in your Home?

It’s important to understand the way fleas can get in your house. They’re very tiny parasites.  Usually, you can find them on pets like cats, rats, and other animals. So, when they come to our house, the parasites also find their way to our door.

One key thing to remember is to understand that fleas can also affect human being. For example- if you get in touch with the carpet, bed where flea infestation is there, it’s critical. Detecting fleas is also quite hard as they’re small in size.

Flea Growing Stages

Flea Eggs

First thing is to consider the eggs of fleas. If you can find eggs, vacuum them immediately. Because, it’s easy to remove infestation when you remove the eggs. The eggs aren’t firm enough at first. So, not much often you’ll need to vacuum for fleas if you can remove the eggs.

However, if you’ve got a carpet with multiple layers, vacuuming might be a bit difficult. Multi layers need to be cleaned thoroughly.

Flea Larvae

When the eggs start hatching, it’s a bit more difficult to remove the fleas. In this stage, they’re abundant in numbers and hide in the deep of your carpet or bed. They can also stick their bodies strongly if you try to move the hatched eggs. In that case, a strong vacuum cleaner will be necessary. And dry cleaning in the sun is also recommended.

How Often Should You Vacuum for Fleas?

So, the main topic is here. It’s about the frequency of vacuuming for fleas. So far, we understand that we should vacuum as soon as the flea eggs are visible.

The eggs start hatching after 3-4 days from getting laid. So, it’s fast. Keeping this in mind, it seems that we should vacuum ever day at least once. In that way, the fleas won’t able to produce no matter what. So, the frequency is best to be set at once per day.

How Long to Continue Vacuuming the Fleas?

So, how long do we vacuum for fleas? We already know the frequency of cleaning. But how long do we vacuum with the level of frequency. A full matured group of fleas is possible within a month. So, the best practice is to consider vacuuming up to 3-4 months. You can stop at 3 months, but for the ultimate assurance of eradication, 4 months is perfect.

Well, now the importance of early vacuum starts to be clear. If you vacuum early, when you see the eggs, it’ll be easy to stop the infestation completely. So, vacuuming everyday for 3 months is preferable according to experts.

Moreover, vacuum strongly on the carpets, pets, and other hideous thing things. For example, do vacuum under the bed. You might have things under your bed which is a potential place for fleas to hatch eggs. Overall, the frequency depends mainly on how early you start vacuuming for fleas.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Pets

Now, let’s say your pets have already been infested with fleas. So, what are the measures that you can take to get rid of fleas on the pets.

Take Care of Bedding

It’s necessary to take care of the bedding of your pets. Not only you should wash the bedding everyday, but also give bath to your pets regularly. In this way, the chances of flea infestation will be less. Besides, if you analyze that dry cleaning in the sun is also necessary.

But, dry clean your bed sheets and carpets separately to avoid flea infestation. That’s how you take care of bedding and other materials.

Use a Flea Comb

Using a flea comb can be very efficient apart from vacuuming. Your pet’s hairs are deep and long. So, fleas can grow way inside of your pet’s skin surface. In that case, you can simply use a comb while you’re cleaning them.

Use Flea Medicine

There’re several flea medicines available in the market. For example, there’re tablets, oral sprays, flea collars and many more. These are considered as famous treatments all around the world. So, the treatments let you get rid of already infested pets and also avoid possible future infestations.

Well, the dose of the medicines should be discussed with experts. Monthly or yearly doses depends on the level of infestation and what you want to control.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, it’s evident that early vacuuming is the most important factor in getting rid of fleas. However, the main thing that matters is the combination of frequency of vacuuming and the early start. Vacuuming at the right place also matters when you want to get rid of fleas.

Fleas can hide at places where there’s no light. Even if you room is full of light, they can survive deep in the carpets or under the beds. So, vacuuming at the right place is quite important.

So, we’ve discussed the frequency at which you should vacuum for fleas. Moreover, we’ve provided information how fleas can hatch eggs and how often they can do it. Also remember that fleas can infest on both living and non living beings. Protection Status
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